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Experts, I would like to know the best know securities practicies on linux to protect logs, data base, access to servers...
I can be a little generic, but I don´t know where to start.
I would love to have papers, videos, sites to search on network securities best practices : criptography, server logs, access to data base, and so on.
Thank you all
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Start with the Center for Internet Security benchmarks for hardening your Linux/Unix servers (Benchmarks available for many flavours):

The free benchmark documents are very detailed on:
- What the vulnerability is
- How to check it
- How to remediate it

Members can also download scripts to automate most of the remediation
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You can use hardening scripts like lynis to check for obvious omissions
In general - root is not used if possible
Each service runs as different unprivilegged user, and other services access it using well defined interfaces e.g. SQL, and not reading mysql datafiles etc


Thanks for your recommendations

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