Apple Store account that prevents downloading premium application downloads

We are in the process of implementing Airwatch MDM. For the iphones I will need to specify an Apple ID (on all of them). Problem is that, before you can download any app from the Apple Store, there must be a valid credit card on your Apple (ID) account (I experienced this recently. But if your experience is different, please help me understand). I cannot afford to let thousands of employees possibly download premium apps inadvertently. Can I create an Apple ID that will only ask for payment information if a premium app is requested? Better yet, can I have an Apple ID that will not allow downloading of premium apps? How is this concern currently being addressed in the corporate world?
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"Create an iTunes Store, App Store, or iBooks Store account without a credit card or other payment method"

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Create another account or start over through a different service.   App Store instead of iTunes or vice versa.  Those instructions only work sometimes.

I encountered this trouble when creating accounts for my children and my friends' children, some years ago, where the None option would not be available, even when you followed the linked instructions.  It took hours of deleting cookies from browsers, trying the App Store, trying iTunes, trying new email accounts, and trying different scenarios before I could finally click on None.  I even tried "purchasing" free apps and I still wouldn't have the None option.

I even contacted support, and they linked to those very instructions, that, unfortunately, didn't work correctly.  I don't know what exact combination causes the account creation to sometimes not give you the None option, but it's been a pain in the rear several times.  They have a bug in their account creation that they likely won't fix, because it forces more users to enter a credit card out of frustration.  It's been this way for many, many years.  I've seen the same complaints on forums over the years, and someone invariably links those instructions that only works sometimes.  It's broken somewhere at Apple.
Allen BoatrightCommented:
We used a company credit card to get the account set up.  After you enter credit card information, you can go back into the settings and select NONE for the payment option.  After you select NONE and go back in and choose the credit card type previously stored, you have to re-enter the information because it doesn't save it.  That is our workaround for this frustrating issue.
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That's just annoying when their instructions explicitly say that you don't need it.  You shouldn't have to start with a credit card then go back and switch it to none.  They have some hidden algorithm that sometimes removes the none option.
Allen BoatrightCommented:
I tried several different ways to get around this to no avail.  I only went the workaround route after verifying the NONE option was available on an iPhone that had stored credit card information.  I have not seen an iPhone with credit card information stored without the NONE option.  I agree, you shouldn't have to start with a credit card and go back to switch it to NONE.  Unfortunately this is my only option since I need to install the AirWatch MDM agent on our company phones.
According to this article, iOS 9 will go a long way toward fixing this problem.
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