Combobox used to Pass Parameter to Passthrough Stored Procedure in Access Form

i have a passthrough stored procedure in access from SQL Server which is saved and used to create a form. it accepts atleast one parameter;
MyStoredProc 432, ' ',' '

where 432 is a unique ID
But on my form, i want to be able to filter the record based on which ever ID i pick on a combo box on the form header. so if i pick ID = 150,
i want my form to display the output of the procedure for ID = 150
so the record will be the result of
MyStoredProc 150, ' ',' '

by default; the form displays the result of: MyStoredProc 432, ' ',' '
but from the drop down combobox, we can filter the result based on whichever ID is picked. How do i accomplish this?
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ste5anSenior DeveloperCommented:
You need to change the passthrough query by code.

I'm using template passthrough queries with placeholders, e.g.

DECLARE @Param INT = CAST('@Param1' AS INT);
EXECUTE p_sproc @Param;

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While the CAST is not necessary, this approach means that even the passthrough is correct T-SQL. After copying the passthrough query, use REPLACE() to insert your parameter value.

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peterslove53Author Commented:
So how do i accomplish my task?
ste5anSenior DeveloperCommented:
Programming, maybe?
peterslove53Author Commented:
I got it. Create a passthrough query (Stored procedure) save it just like you would a normal query (Passthrough_Proc)and use that to create the form, just like a normal query. then at runtime we can pass our parameter by editing our query like this; put following code under click event to open form

Application.CurrentDb.QueryDefs("Passthrough_Proc").SQL = "EXEC MyStored_Proc Param1,Param2,param3"

where the parameter values can be changed to anything you want
peterslove53Author Commented:
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