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.chm files note opening


I have an application that's running off of a network share and I'm unable to view the help files from within it. I've tried the following popular responses:
- unblock the .chm file (it wasn't blocked)
- add the registry key explained in this MS KB: and adding my network share to my trusted sites in IE. This allows me to view the pages of the help file when I open it from my network share but not from the application.

Anything else you can suggest trying?

Thanks in advance,
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Duy Pham
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It sounds like problem with the application you use, not the problem with the network sharing security or the .chm file itself.

What if you copy the application to your local machine (including the help file), and then run it from local machine. Could it open the help file?
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Thanks for the quick response.

It's happening for two of my applications.

for the first, app1, I've ran the application from the actual folder, not the share, and it now allows me to see the contents of the help files. For app2, I doesn't. However, within app2 there are a number of configuration settings that point to the network share, so this may not be a valid test.

copying the apps and help files locally isn't really an option for a fix in my case unfortunately.
I understand that you want to run your applications from network share. My point was just to guess the cause of the issue, which lies in application, not in neither .chm file or network share security.

I don't know how your applications are made, so it is hard to tell why except that I believe the problem is due to the way those applications are developed. If you make it, maybe you should try to log/debug it yourself (e.g.: application 2 with configuration options).

Have you tried to map network share folder to a drive (e.g.: Z:\), and try to run those applications from mapped drive?
I don't think it's to do with the applications themselves, they're corporate apps that are used by millions I'm sure. It's a windows problem, due to vulnerabilities on chm files and IE.

Have you tried to map network share folder to a drive (e.g.: Z:\), and try to run those applications from mapped drive? - this is exactly what we're doing.
We haven't run any application directly from network share folder before, so I just tried to guess upon your description. You can open .chm file directly from network share folder, it means your user profile does have enough permissions/privileges to read that file, and hence I'm supposed that any application running under your user profile (your account) will have the same permissions too.

We have been using mapped network share folder for more than five years, and our application can open Office files using embedded ActiveX (which could also be considered as vulnerable as chm files) from network share folder just find (of course when running locally). The only known issue so far we have encountered with network share Office files is that sometimes embedded Office application (such as Word/Excel) crashes when opening a template file from network share folder. But that's out of our hand, so we have to live with that.

I don't know whether it's related, but have you looked into this description from MS:
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