RDS 2012 R2 publish a shortcut link

Environment:  Windows 2012 R2 RDS services.
Issue:  Need to find a way to publish a remote application link, on another server, in RDS 2012 R2.
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Lionel MMSmall Business IT ConsultantCommented:
Do you mean you want to add a desktop shortcut for all users who logon to the network? if so you can add this by Group Policy https://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc753580.aspx
Navigate to the Computer Configuration\Preferences\Windows Settings\Shortcuts folder in the left pane of the Group Policy Editor window. Right-click the Shortcuts folder, click “New” and click “Shortcut.”
Click the “Action” box and click “Create.” Type a name for the shortcut into the Name field.
Click the “Target Type” box and click “File System Object” if it’s a shortcut to a file, “URL” if it’s a Web link or “Shell Object” if it’s another type of shortcut, such as a shortcut to a printer or computer.
Click the “Location” box and click "All Users Desktop.”
Type the destination for the shortcut into the “Target Path,” “Target URL” or “Target Object” box. A different box appears depending on which target type you selected. For example, type “C:\Example.exe” or “http://www.example.com.”;
Click the “...” button to the right of “Icon File Path,” browse to an icon file for the shortcut and double-click it.
Click “OK.”
mford1959Author Commented:
I have an application shortcut (.lnk) icon, on the desktop of a MS 2012 R2 server, that links to an application on another server.  The MS 2012 R2 server is part  of an RDS server farm.  I wish to create a "remoteapp" in the collection that can be accessed via the RDS Web Access site.

The application works fine if I logon to the server and launch it from the desktop.  It doesn't work when I try and create a "remoteapp" in the collection of the RDS farm.  Any ideas on how I can solve this issue?

Thank you in advance for your attention to this issue!
Aaron TomoskyDirector of Solutions ConsultingCommented:
You can't publish just a url, you publish the browser with whatever command line switch opens the page you want. Like  iexplore.exe "http://google.com"
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David Johnson, CD, MVPOwnerCommented:
if you have Remote Desktop Session Host on server 1 and 2 you can't add an app from Server 3
unless Remote Desktop Session Host is/ installed on server 3
mford1959Author Commented:
I know some online have the same issue and have received some technical responses as to how this may be accomplished.  Maybe someone with a bit more knowledge of RDS 2012 R2 can take a stab at this.

David Johnson, CD, MVPOwnerCommented:
note the application will not be actually running on the other server

The GUI has a local application restriction.  Powershell does not.
The local exec restriction in the UI is not present when using Powershell to create the remote app.  So for appc running over UNC  path, creating a new remote app through Powershell is the way to go!

1- Run Powershell as admin
2- Execute the following command:
New-RDRemoteApp -CollectionName [collection_name] -DisplayName [remote_app_display_name] -FilePath "\\server\share\executable.exe" -IconPath \\server\share\app.exe  (location of the original exe file, that shortcut was created) here is my example command

New-RDRemoteApp -Alias "App Name" -CollectionName Collection -DisplayName "APP Display" -FilePath "C:\Users\Public\Desktop\shortcut.lnk" -FolderName "Folder Name" -IconPath "\\server\share\app name.exe"


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