Error in my ASP.Net application

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Exception has occurred in my ASP.Net application and I don't know why. No where in the app is test.asp accessed, so this seems a bit "suspicious"

"Could not find file 'c:\windows\system32\inetsrv\test.asp'."

Please advise
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Try this:

Create a simple test.asp file in the virtual directory you just converted to Application in step 3 above, with just <%Response.Write(“test”)%> in it. See if it runs okay. It should. If it doesn’t, and it’s giving you error that complains about parent path, double click on the virtual directory you just converted to application in step 3 above, and double click on the ASP icon in features view. Set the enable parent path to true. While you are at it, under the debugging properties, set send error to browsers to TRUE, so you don’t have to hang yourself later trying to figure out what’s wrong with this world(or IIS). If you are using IE as your browser, make sure to turn off “Show friendly HTTP error messages” so that you can see the actual error(Internet Options, Advanced).
At this point your ASP page should work fine. If not, make sure you do all the above steps right. If you are still getting an asp error, make sure you comment out “on error resume next” statement in your code.


My application works fine
It is located in inetpub sub folder

I don't know why anyone /anything would be trying to access a file test.asp
Test.asp doesn't exist
So how could this error occur ?
jorge_torizResearch & Development Manager



Are you finding this error on your Windows Event Log?


Try to find the IP Address Location that is making the request using an IP Location Service


Is it normal to get visits from that location?
Someone (or a bot) could be trying to find a vulnerability in your system
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How often do you get the error? Is the application live or on development server? LAN or WAN?


1. No from .net exception
2. I know IP from user logged in at time
3. New user

live server , happened once
jorge_torizResearch & Development Manager

If anything is pointing to that address within your application, so this is a "user error", someone misstype the address or is trying to find "something".    If your server is updated and well configured, I wouldn't worry about that.
Since it only happened once it may be an anomaly so of little concern. Make sure that IIS is as secure as possible. IIS is as secure as possible. IIS logging may help if the problem re-occurs.

Enable logging
Configuring IIS logging will cause IIS to log various information from HTTP requests received by the server. This will come in handy and can give a better understanding of issues that might have occurred on your website when things go wrong. It’s the place where you will start the troubleshooting process in such situations.

The server’s logs can also be continuously or periodically monitored in order to review the server’s performance and provide optimizations if needed. This can be automated using various server monitoring tools. Make sure to keep a backup of the logs. Microsoft also provide Log Parser, which is a tool that can be used to query and retrieve specific data from IIS logs. Additionally, log consolidation tools prove useful for consolidating and archiving data from logs in a more meaningful way.

IIS logging can be enabled and configured from IIS Manager > select the machine name or the specific site you want to configure > Logging. Since these log files might grow quite large, it would be a good idea to start a new file periodically.

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