Set formula for Excel textbox directly

I am trying to use a textbox to show the results of a formula that concatenates and calculates various cells. I remember there was a little-known trick in Excel 2003 onwards were you could directly set the formula for a text box (i.e. not a reference or defined name).

To be clear I don't want to set the formula in a hidden cell and then link the textbox to a cell. There is a way to set the formula directly for the textbox but for the life of me I can't remember or discover how to do it.

I also do not want to use 'paste picture link' to show the value from a hidden cell.

If someone would jolt my memory I would be most grateful.

Thanks in advance.
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I think you are thinking of Adding a shape ( for example a rectangle like a textbox) and then add a reference (=A1) as the text of the shape.

This method does not accept formulas only references

AL_XResearchAuthor Commented:
Hi Rgonzo. No as I said I do not want to simply set a reference to a cell which supplies the actual value.
byundtMechanical EngineerCommented:
You could use a Worksheet_Change event macro to update the value displayed on the shape. This macro will run whenever a value is changed on the worksheet--and will update the value displayed in your shape.

For example, I created a named formula (just like creating a named range, except you have your concatenation formula there instead of a reference to a single cell). I then added the following code to the worksheet code pane:
Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range)
Dim frmla As String
frmla = Application.Evaluate(ThisWorkbook.Names("NamedFormula").Value)
With Me.Shapes("Rectangle 1")
    .TextFrame.Characters.Text = frmla
End With
End Sub

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Despite ability of the above workaround to meet all of your requirements, I would personally put a formula in a cell in a hidden row or column and update the value in the shape using a formula that points to that hidden cell.
AL_XResearchAuthor Commented:
I guess I must have remembered incorrectly - still I am sure I was able to set a formula for a text box.

Must have just been a cell link !

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AL_XResearchAuthor Commented:
It was my mistake and it is not possible to do what I was asking.
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