One Domain, two DNS Servers on Seperate ISP's for Failover.

We have two ISP's example: and Lets say is the primary IP address for our domain and it works fine. We have two DNS servers, one primary and one secondary, on this ISP connection. Can we move our seconded DNS server (NS2) to the other ISP for a fail over if our connection to the primary fails.  We have added the second ISP address in the reverse lookup zones, and the A recorded in the Forward Lookup zones for the secondary IP. We have also added a second MX record along with a matching A record for our email on both DNS Servers.  Am I going in the right direction? Or is this even possible?

We need to have availability for email and access to our website if the connection to our primary ISP fails (it has done so).

Thanks in advance
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There are companies that offer dynamic DNS services, such as Dyn (  They monitor your servers/services on your primary ISP and automatically change DNS to your secondary when needed.  Automatic failback is also an option.

As long as you only have a few records, you can have two DNS servers both configured as authoritative (primary), and you just keep the records in synch manually.  You just have to have the zone set up on both DNS servers, and remember to change records in both locations.  Just make sure both DNS servers are listed in by the domain registrar.

If you ever scale up, though, this setup will become manageable.  At that point you would need to configure primary/secondary servers so that you can updated records in one spot and have the changes automatically replicate.

As the previous poster stated, though, a hosted solution is probably the best option.

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kathyakhAuthor Commented:
Thank you for your suggestions. Not sure that management wants to have the cost of a hosted solution but if I cant get this to work then that may be the way we need to go.

 Asavener; I do have the records in sync on both servers and both servers are primary and both servers are listed with our registrar. I'll double check all the configurations and contact our registrar to be sure.
kathyakhAuthor Commented:
Update: I believe we are going with the hosted solution with this issue. It does seem the best option. Thanks for your input and I'll to give the Accepted Solution to both the experts that replied.

Thank you,
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