Macbook Pro - Can't delete user account

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Trying to delete a user account through the user/groups panel in System Preferences in the normal way.

However. the "-" associated with the particular user is greyed out. (I think its because the Mac was previously on a domain)

When I check the Unique ID of the account it returns the value of 0 (the root account also has the value of 0)

How can I get rid of the account or at least change the Unique ID?
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To read the user account ID.
 dscl . -read /Users/AccountName UniqueID
UniqueID: ID#

To Change the uid using the ID# you obtained above:
sudo dscl . -change /Users/AccountNAME UniqueID ID# 1234

Verify that the uid has changed:
dscl . -read /Users/AccountName UniqueID
UniqueID: 1234


Thanks for the assistance.
You're welcome.

You can also use dscl to create or delete IDs on the command line, but it doesn't create or delete the home folders or set the correct permissions.

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