Lync 2010 client not showing phone numbers

Have a strange issue.  We are using Lync 2010 and users are using the 2010 client.  Last month we updated the Lync server to allow for Skype for Business to be run from that server.  Both client work and are not the issue.  The problem is the now the Lync 2010 client does not show the phone numbers for a user that is entered via AD.  But the few of us who are testing Skype for Business see the information just fine.  The thing is I can't remember if the Lync 2010 client showed the phone numbers before the update.  Also I've check to see if I was having any invalid phone numbers but do not see any on the Lync server.  I've attached some screen shots.
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kindly try to download latest OAB and let me know the status.
naigroupAuthor Commented:
Downloaded the latest OAB on a client that is using Lync 2010.  After the download, restarted Lync but still has the issue of not being able to see the phone numbers.
Jian An LimSolutions ArchitectCommented:
run the UpdateCsAddressBook  to make sure it updated properly.

Usually it is the OAB generation on Lync that causing issues.
If the update fails (or check event log), it usually tell you why it did not put the phone number in.

(i hope this issue is for everyone not isolated case)
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naigroupAuthor Commented:
I think I am figuring out what the issue is.  First off, my original post was incorrect.  I stated that there was no invalid addresses but that was wrong.  For some reason (probably when I installed and configured Lync originally) the share is not on the lync server, it is on the SQL server.  Checking that server I found the invalid address book list.  So now it seems that the issue is the phone numbers are not normalized.  but interestingly Skype for Business client does not care and Lync 2010 does.  I am testing with one user right now where I have normalized her phone numbers.  I did run the updateCsAddress book and that address book entry is now off the list.  Checking a Lync client that change does not seem to have taken affect yet.  I will probably have to create my own normalization rules to make this work.  Or just upgrade users to all have Skype.
naigroupAuthor Commented:
I just checked after normalizing one of the users and it propagating down to a lync 2010 client and the number does show up now.  

I believe the case is solved.  Thank you everyone for your help.

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naigroupAuthor Commented:
Accepted my own comments as the solution because I did not give the correct information originally.  This affected the possible solutions that others gave me.
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