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ASYNC Bandwidth (cable modem) Theoretical Speed Limit

With ASYNC Bandwidth (faster download than upload) Can UPLOAD LIMIT prevent you from reaching your maximum speed?

I'm thinking, since every packet in TCP (not UDP) needs to be acknowledged, if you were doing a fast HTTP/FTP download with a 100MB down / 5MB up circuit (common in my area), is it possible to actually download at 100MB if you cannot acknowledge faster than 5MB?
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I have 5.5MB/.5MB and frequently get > than 5.5MBytes download. my provider adds a little bit more just to not get a complaing..

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I use speed test all the time, and the results are usually what is posted, but I have a customer that has 200MB down and 5MB up .... that's a big difference and I wonder if they'll ever get 200MB.
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yes they will get it.. packets run at the speed of light.. and acks are tiny
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