Install Untangle on USB SSD as backup for temporary hot swap

Hi Experts,
I currently run Untangle NG Firewall on Dell PE servers. I currently use HDD's in most of them. I'm looking for a temporary hot swap device that can be used in instance where HDD fails. Can I load Untangle to external SSD? Also, can I do this from any computer (running Windows 7) if I boot to ISO on CD. I just don't want to mess up anything on my Windows laptop when installing to USB SSD. Will Untangle let me choose which drive to install? Any help is appreciated.
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I never heard of USB SSD.
Yes, untangle can run form CD and from 4G+ usb or flash storage.
If you dont mention server model I have no chance to tell what kind of flash storage slot is within server case.
lskairAuthor Commented:
It's a Dell PE r210. They make ssd's which are USB 3.0 connection. It would basically be the same as using any USB as boot device. I just want to know if I can install untangle NG Firewall to USB and will it give me option which disk to install so I don't wipe my c drive. I will probably just load onto sata ssd and use that as hot swap instead but I have a few of these USB MyDigital OTG SSD's and was looking for ways to use them as temporary boot device.
They were typically called USB thumb drives...
And you have one internal USB slot for nurmally sized USB drives (provided your server is R210 and not R210 v2 or v3)
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lskairAuthor Commented:
It's mSata to USB 3.0 not typical flash drive technology. I realize I can install untangle USB flash drive, but just want to make sure it will allow me to choose where to install untangle and not default to my internal drive.
You can even install it inside VM and clone 4GB usb sticks/sd cards....
It will wipe first disk it finds - so install USB internal stick 4G+
temporarily remove HDs (they eat 10-20W each - do you need them in system?)
and boot from CD and it will install to the only disk.

USB speed really does not matter as all firewall trades happen in RAM. Old publicity USB stick is good enough.
lskairAuthor Commented:
Since I'm not on site I do not have my untangle hardware. The dells are when I run at my branch but I want to install Untangle on external ssd, and I would be doing this from my windows laptop, so if u pop out my windows internal ssd and hook up cd with untangle ISO and also external ssd via USB I will be able to install and it will not affect my laptop settings/BIOS, etc. once installed to USB drive I will send to my branches as a temp hot swap in case of internal hdd failure.
Stop calling it "external SSD"
You need USB flash drive that fits inside server case and connects to internal USB port.
lskairAuthor Commented:
This isn't for inside server. I already have internal hdd. This is only to be used temporarily in case hdd fails. It is exactly that "an external ssd" as referred by the manufacturer. See
lskairAuthor Commented:
Why can I connect external and boot from external USB port on server?
Because you need to close rack door sometimes... And somebody can break external USB plug by accident. We connect wireless keyboard receiver in front ports, and USB CDs if necessary.
 Technically it will boot and there is no functional difference.

For installation i'd use some virtual machine, wire USB device to it and install from CD. You can easily check if it boots after on your desktop PC

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lskairAuthor Commented:
That works. Thanks.
Glad to hear :) Thanks
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