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I am using rsync to get my file updates from my Linux VPS to local Windows PC. For this I use the account I have setup for my websites: let say
In order to get to /var/lib/mysql/ directory I need to escalate that user's privileges to SU when using SSH.
When I do rsync for my web content, the user webadmin is fine because it owns the web directory.
Now when I want to get to mysql files, webadmin has not the permissions to get them:
rsync -u -rvz -e 'ssh -p 22' --progress /mysql

If I run:
rsync -u -rvz -e 'ssh -p 22' --progress /mysql
The server does not allow to login as root.

I created rsa and dsa keys and have put the public ones in the authorized_keys file on the server in order to login w/o password.
For this purpose I have have changed the sshd_config to allow PubkeyAuthentication, PermitRootLogin and RSAAuthentication.

Have set the .ssh permission to 700 and all beneath to 600.
Now, when I run (using cygwin):

rsync -vcr -e "ssh -l root -i /cygdrive/c/cygwin64/home/user123/.ssh" "myserver:/var/lib/mysql/" "/cygdrive/c/backup/mysql"

it still prompts me for password...
What am I doing wrong?
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Can you log into mysql with admin authority? If so, you can backup your entire database with a command similar to this:

mysqldump -uUSERNAME --all-databases --skip-lock-tables -pPASSWORD -c

Open in new window

nerkoniAuthor Commented:
Yes, I have done this. Then I have to copy the file to a location under webadmin privileges and as last I have to do SFTP download or rsync. I would like to be able to to it with one rsync command and maybe zip it up all at once so I don't have to do the additional steps.
Perfectly one rsync command or a script maybe to backup all individual databases, wrap then into a zip file and download to local PC. Is it possible?
On linux one would SSH to remote host and just pipe compressed mysqldump output to local system's file.
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nerkoniAuthor Commented:
Could you give an example command?
ssh user@remotehost mysqldump --all-databases | gzip -1 > dump.gz

assuming mysql root password is saved in .my.cnf for that remote user.
nerkoniAuthor Commented:
This works saving the file ON server. What do I do to get it to local PC? See my first post...
Install cygwin putty plink and it works on your local PC
nerkoniAuthor Commented:
I am using both, cygwin and putty. Have to do several steps to get the backup. Here is what I do:

1. ssh login with myuser and escalate to root
2. run: mysqldump -u root -p --all-databases | gzip -1 > Alldb_20150617.gz (enter pswd for mysql root user)
3. run: chown myuser:myuser Alldb_20150617.gz
4. download Alldb_20150617.gz via SFTP

How could I shorten this process?
Hard to understand purpose of "escalate to root" in your sequence.

I am sorry but I will NOT repeat perfectly working example .http:#a40830862
nerkoniAuthor Commented:
Means I cannot login as root. Must login as user with less privileges and do "sudo su" in order to do next step.
I changed some config which should allow to login w/o password using my private key (public added to server) but for some reason I am not able to since it prompts me for password again...
I posted one single command line. Please use it.

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