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I currently use Office 2010 on my notebook, and sync emails, calendars & contacts with my other devices (eg iphone) through Google Apps Sync.  Its been working OK for 2 years, but now and then get issues on Outlook (such as conflicts with other addons such as my Tagwolf email filing addon)
Have been considering upgrading to Office 365 as it apparently provides for the above functionality plus more
I have started a new project where I connect to my project emails, calendars etc, and do collaboration via the clients Office 365 account.  Outlook isnt behaving itself and I think its the clash with Google Apps Sync.
So am keen to move across to Office 365 now.
Tried looking for a local IT contractor to help do this but the ones I spoke to have never done this before.  My sons say I should do it myself then.  OK, I will try.  

But to help me could I get advice on the following questions:
1/ Could you advise of a good existing online guide that would help me...I have limited understanding of matters such as exchange servers
2/ How do I not loose emails, contacts & calendars?
3/ I have all my emails filed in folders...which is reflected both in Outlook and in GMail.  How can I make sure the emails, in the respective folder, are available in Office 365 (or the exchange) (when I have exported/backedup emails before several years ago I have lost the folder structure)
4/ Do you have any other tips to make sure the transition goes smoothly?
5/ Do you have any other suggestions/comments...eg beware...?
6/ Whats the best type to select, and why, when setting up email   POP3, IMAP

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Hi gh_user, while I can't talk specifically to the tagwold addin you referred to, I have done a number of O365 migrations and your concerns about ensuring your emails, contacts, calendars, etc are pretty standard O365 migration tasks. There are plenty of 3rd party tools you can purchase, I have used migrationwiz which worked great, plus they had great support. Another alternative is to purchase O365 through a Microsoft partner such as Appriver. Appriver charges a few dollars more per user, but you get the advantage of being able to contact them for support and also help migrating your data. They will basically hand hold you through it. That's what I would recommend.

While O365 is exchange server based, you don't necessarily need to be an exchange admin to be able to use it. They have made it pretty user friendly. You can get as simple or as complicated as you want with managing it.

I hope this helps

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gh_userAuthor Commented:
Hi ChilT
Thanks for your quick response.
migrationwiz & Appriver look like good options.
I see the first decision I need to make is what type of Office 365 subscription I want.  Am tempted by the 'home' one, but not sure if I need business because I may need the exchange server to help synchronise.  Do you know?
(Plus I want it for home office, for me and my wife...for personal and for work)
The home plan does not offer exchange email, so if you need exchange you will need a business plan. From there it's really a matter of what services you want. (Office Applications, Instant Messaging, video conferencing, etc)

For business, one thing to consider also is if you have a domain name, with business you can point your domain name to O365 email.
gh_userAuthor Commented:
Thanks ChilT
Signed up for business plan.
An IT guy from worked logged in remotely to make sure I could get work emails.  All OK.  Didnt loose any emails (both work and personal)
Now I want to stop using Google Apps Sync and access personal emails through the O365 exchange.  How do I do this?
Hi gh_user, I'm not familiar with Google Apps Sync so I don't think I can help further. You might want to open a new question related to that as its a bit out of scope of the original question so it might get a better response.
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