APNIC IP rounting

What is the best ISP to route APNIC IP pool?
Chris MaloneDirectorAsked:
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One that will accept it.
 You need to specify your location and then look check with the ones there who will ..
Then you can use traceroute.org and use the looking glass tool, to see how many connection that ISP has.

In short the ISP you choose would need to advertise the IP block you have to its peers who will then advertise it to their peers, etc. this might be a process that the ISP has to reach out to their peers to advise of the addition who depending on their peering relationship might have to notify their ....  Some peers may have arrangement to accept IP segments ....  While others are more stringent and also depends on your IP segment size.
Chris MaloneDirectorAuthor Commented:
Is there online server via which I can route my APNIC IPs range to my offshore dedicated servers hosted with several companies?
the issue is that you said servers/providers.

Does your segment have an AS number registered?

That poses an issue as you can not have each provider publish one IP or two IPs in the routing table. Some providers will not publish segments that are less than /22 or /24,

If you have your own IP range, are you looking for a provider that will publish your range, and you would have VPNs/reverse proxies going between the various servers matting the traffic.

There are multi-national provides that have data centers through out the world and the infrastructure to handle what you are looking for they will publish your segment as accessible through them and will route the traffic internally to handle server failures if any.

Your analysis seems evaluating the wrong sides
You should start with what you want and then deal with how to achieve it.
Chris MaloneDirectorAuthor Commented:
Thank you Arnold for the great reply and help. I really appreciate it. Yes I believe my analysis is hitting the wrong side as its the first time I am looking to route my IPs to some provider. Ok let me explain you what exactly I am looking for.

I bought a /22 range from APNIC and now looking to use these IPs on my server(s). I host servers with multiple companies. So I would need some provider who can help me use these IPs. Do I have to host my server with them also? If yes then I would want you to let me know good companies where I can use these IPs. Any help will be appreciated.
You need to host all your servers with one provider that has multiple locations/geographical this will provide you with what you seem to want.
I.e. No single point of failure (server in location A may have a twin that performs the same function in location B.

That handling can be part of your agreement with a provider.

Presumably bringing the servers back to a single location where you can contract with several providers to provide you a connection might be more expensive I.e. You will need to have facilities where to house the servers with backup UPs and possibly generator..  Two or three and setup a peering such that there will be multiple paths to get to you.

You have four class C IP ranges whic often each provider can advertise and each server with that provider can use Ips in that range.
Another option deals with you have a connection from two providers where you advertise your /22 block

This somewha t complicates your migration process between providers.

I think what I would recommend is starting from scratch in formulating what it is you would like to end up with having a /22 IP block.

Right now you have some cobble stones here, and some cable stones there, are you looking to use all the cobble stones from all over to cover a portion of a street you got?

Depending on where you are based, are you currently generating ... Such that you've grown to a point where you can setup yourself as a provider that can ...........provide services you are now getting from others.

VPN can be used to NAT/ROUTE traffic but that might mean you pay for the traffic multiple times. One to the location where the VPN side is setup and back and forth to where the server is.  Think of it like a spider web connecting all your servers to one central location. Requests cone to the center and then sent through the lines. Response received and then forwarded back to .......

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