Unable to join SBS 2011 domain from Windows 10 insider preview

I have a client that is testing windows 10 insider preview. But with http:\\connect launcer.exe he gets:

"The client advisor program cannot run Client Advisor encountered an error while checking computer requirements. For more information, contact your network administrator or Micro Product Support"

I treid also Profwiz.exe that programs tells "The Domain Controller for xxxxxx cannot be found. Make sure taht you have specified a valid domain name.

I can ping the domain
Nslookup domain works fine

I have flushed DNS ipconfig /flushdns on client and on the server. Tried even to add dns a record but that did not work either! I have no clue
snhnic snhnicAsked:
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First of all, which version of Windows 10 TP are you running? Remember that the standard version (not the Pro or Enterprise version) is just like Windows 7 or Vista home, or windows 8.x core. Those versions can't be joined to domains.

If it is Windows 10 TP Pro or above, then make sure the NIC and it's TCP/IP settings are correct. The DNS server entry must point to your SBS Server, and nothing else. Remove any other DNS entries.
snhnic snhnicAuthor Commented:
I have another client with exact the same Windows 10. He had the same issues at first All I did was flushing DNS on server and client. After that there was no problem joining. But now it's seems not tor work, DNS entree on the SBS server is it's own. No problems reported in BPA (only waring about free space, but that's to be ignored)  Perhaps join them on teh server and not with tools from cient?  The way it was done on SBS 2003?
As I don't use an SBS server I always join PC's via System Properties, Network ID or Change under the Computer Name tab to a domain.
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Cris HannaSr IT Support EngineerCommented:
http://connect should not work for Windows 10 clients at this time because  there is a file on SBS that requires updating to recognize Windows 10 as a valid OS for working with SBS 2011.   The MVP community has ask the product team when we can expect an that update but no response yet.

But you can join manually as suggested
snhnic snhnicAuthor Commented:
Problem is windows 10 does not see DNS properly. I solved the problem on one PC, but this time flushdns does not resolve the problem! I notticed that http://connect sees the windows machine as a vista device.

It's a strange thing because first the machine as upgraded to windows 10 after a new realease the machine broke and it was setup all over again and now with this problem. Before it was nicely connected with http://connect. So is another machine with profwiz
Cris HannaSr IT Support EngineerCommented:
Windows 10 is still beta software...when you choose to install, it's important to understand that you may have issues.  
Someone mentioned before...which Windows Preview are you running?  Consumer or Enterprise
I'm running Enterprise on my desktop machine which was an inplace upgrade to Windows 8.1 PRO, so my computer was already joined to the domain.

If you are attempting the consumer version, it won't work.
snhnic snhnicAuthor Commented:
Its pro and the way I see it this is exactly why it has to be tested! How to solve this issue? Will this be the same in the final version?
For that you have needed to register with the insider preview program to post your experiences and feedback on the problems you have with the preview.

It isn't of much help if you post those issues here, m$ probably doesn't go through all the EE threads. If on the other hand you post it on the m$ inside preview forums they will learn of any issues that aren't already known, and can act on them if they think it is necessary.
snhnic snhnicAuthor Commented:
But ofcourse I like to solve this issue aswell! But for now I understand that there is no solution for my problem. I will search for solutions goenin to try other options! I think. I'goning to install 8.1 pro and updrage to win 10 . It seems stupid but if that's what it takes to join the win 10
Cris HannaSr IT Support EngineerCommented:
The solution is to manually join the computer to the domain using the standard method.   This should work.
Ensure that the workstation can ping the server by name and IP without issue and should be able to get to the internet
Then just join to the domain manually.

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snhnic snhnicAuthor Commented:
Cris Hanna did not work

So I had a look at the NIC. Everything was on auto but I thought let's give it a shot and choose advanced and put in the DNS tab the ip of the server, did the same on Wins.

Rebooted and tried your manual soulution it did not work. Tried the connect luncher tool, did not work. Tried Profwiz did not work. My server is called xxx-xxx-server wel do;t know why but I typed xxx-xxx and left out -server. Suddenly it was accepted by Profwiz. Strange but now it has joined the server.

Profwiz is now doing the job.
Cris HannaSr IT Support EngineerCommented:
Is your SBS server acting as the DHCP server or is your router?
snhnic snhnicAuthor Commented:
My sbs server is acting as the dhcp server
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