SQL Server Permissions

I am new to SQL Server.

We are converting the back end of a legacy MDB to SQL Server tables.

I was successful in converting the back end data MDB to a SQL Server database using SQL Server migration assistant.
Then I linked all of the SQL tables to the Front end MDB, replacing the tables that used to be linked to Access.

All is well, except I can't revise data in any of the tables.  I have been able to add new records to the tables but no revisions.

I have tried using  VBA query as in this code:

updateString = " Update tblTaxRecs" & _
               " Set [Active_YN] = True " & _
               " Where [TaxYear] = 2014  " & _
               " AND  [BRT] In (Select [BRT] From tblRpt_BRTPrintList_Local ) "
DoCmd.SetWarnings False
DoCmd.RunSQL updateString

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I get a runtime error 3073, Operation must use an updatetable query.

I have also tried opening the table directly by double clicking on it.  The data shows but I can't change any of it.

Is this some security or permissions  that must be set up in SQL Server or Access.
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Deepak ChauhanSQL Server DBACommented:
Try first in SQL server by executing the command in SSMS

Update tblTaxRecs Set [Active_YN] = True
Where [TaxYear] = 2014 AND  [BRT] In (Select [BRT] From tblRpt_BRTPrintList_Local)

If you get the error like 'Update permissions was denied on the object. <tablename> , Database '<>', schema '<>'.

Grant the permission to user.

---grant select, insert,update and delete permissions to user on whole dbo schema
use <databasename>
Grant select, insert, update, delete on schema:: dbo to <username>
-- on a specific table
use <databasename>
Grant select, insert, update, delete on tableName to <username>
-- grant dbowner permission to user.
USE [<databasename>]
EXEC sp_addrolemember N'db_owner', N'<Username>'

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Deepak ChauhanSQL Server DBACommented:
But it does not seems permission issue.

Check the tblTaxRecs table in sql server if this table doesn't have a primary key, you can't edit any of the table's fields from Access because linked to a SQL Server table

If PK not there then apply.

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Gustav BrockCIOCommented:
This is most likely due to one or both of these:

1. The table has no unique primary key.

2. There is no timestamp field

For 1, add or create the qnique and primary key.
For 2, add a field of data type Timestamp to the table.
Then relink the table.

Armen Stein - Microsoft Access MVP since 2006President, J Street TechnologyCommented:
Hi Gustav,

I don't believe the lack of a Timestamp (aka RowVersion) would cause this particular error - it can cause an error after the attempted update, but does not make a table non-updatable to begin with.

A lack of primary key is the likely issue.

Armen Stein
mlcktmguyAuthor Commented:
That was it.
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