mobile comment box

<script src=""></script>
<div id="comments"></div>
gapi.comments.render('comments', {
    href: window.location,
    width: '624',
    first_party_property: 'BLOGGER',
    view_type: 'FILTERED_POSTMOD'

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I am placing this script for comment and is not displaying as full width in mobile for
On PC it shows fine but in mobile device i have to scroll right to view the whole box.please advise.
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Julian HansenCommented:
You are not using a responsive design. The comment box is in an iframe that sets itself to the max width of its container when the window is resized.

Because your site is not responsive - when viewed on a small device the page extends to the right and so the box resizes to outside the window frame.

What you can do is wrap your comment box in a <div> and give that a fixed width so that the box won't expand beyond that width.

You can moderate this further with media queries to set that width for different devices.

Or you can migrate to a mobile-first framework that supports a responsive design.

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Moizsaif123Author Commented:
What is the max width or min width criteria if use media queries
Julian HansenCommented:
You might have to experiment - but it seems it defaults to 624px - that is what the iframe is set to initially, once the window size drops below this it resizes to 100%

So I would make your containing <div> 624px and then style that down to smaller amounts for each media cut off you want to support.
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