can browsing bog down the PC (eventually, longterm)

can browsing eventually cause gags to the machines performance?

is ccleaner good enough to clean up any normal effects of browsing? (temp folders)

what else should you consider doing to nullify any side effects of using pc for hours of browsing and research?

does any one browser better in this regard over another?

will working incognito mode leave less mess?

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Chris MillardCommented:
It's dependent on many factors including browser cache, operating system etc...

With your browser, you tell it how much history you want to keep, and how large you want the cache to be, and you choose whether or not to save cookies etc. The majority of these files are generally small and can lead to fragmentation of the hard drive. Some OSes such as Windows 7 will automatically defragment a hard drive as needed, while others such as XP require a manual defragmentation.

incognito / InPrivate browsing should prevent files and history from being cached and will therefore not be responsible for as much fragmentation.

As for ccleaner, it's up to you whether you want to use this. I personally prefer to set a lower browser cache size, manually clean up now and again and let my OS keep my drive defragmented.
Browsing alone won't bog you down, and if something does get slower, a reboot will usually be fine. But of course it depends on how you browse. If you visit dubious sites, it is possible that you can pick up malware, Make sure your browser has a popup blocker and flashblockers installed. I don't recommend the use of IE. Something that can slow you down is if you have a lot of browser tabs open.

I don't recommend CCLeaner at all, it isn't necessary and you can cause more harm with it.

Make sure you never logon to any PC with an administrator account. Only use standard accounts. That reduces the chance of getting infected, or it can usually confine infections to the user's profile rather than the whole PC.
25112 --
I use Windows 7 and IE11 and run Disk Cleaner every now and then.  I also run IE Tools|Delete Browsing History every few days. Note that if you check the top box, you can control what Browsing History is deleted.
I feel things are faster, but probably not!  :)
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25112Author Commented:
>>I don't recommend the use of IE.
are the latest version of IE not bettered?

what could be a bad effect of ccleaner?

thanks for the other ideas.
25112Author Commented:
>>run Disk Cleaner every now and then

is this the one:
The newer versions of IE may be a little better, but firefox etc has always been better and also gets improved all the time.

If you use CCleaner wrongly you can nuke your system.
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
can browsing eventually cause gags to the machines performance?  <-- On a machine that works properly, No. I can (and have) used a single build for 3 or 4 years and IE never bogged down.

I run Disk Cleanup at the end of each week and that keeps Office and IE temporary files at a minimum and so trouble free. I prefer Windows Disk Cleanup (zero errors) to a third party tool like CCleaner which (used improperly) can have undesirable side effects.
David AndersTechnician Commented:
Having installed CCleaner on more than two hundred computers and instructed the user to run it every month or quarter, I have never seen a problem that could be attributed to the program. As it has been downloaded over a billion times, I have never seen problems attributed to it. Have you actually seen such results? And what were the symptoms or damage?
Piriform's software - CCleaner, Defraggler, Recuva, Speccy are some of the most trusted programs I use...
It just isn't necessary. There are really only very few cases that would warrant to have to use CCleaner, and those certainly don't need to be done routinely. It only really is of use to IT Admins, and not the general user, so it makes no sense to routinely install it on PC's. It writes to the registry, and users can unknowingly change things in the registry that shouldn't be changed.

I'm using the portable version of it on a USB stick (as the other software of piriform's) which I use as a kind of toolbox and which I might use when I'm called to fix something (but I can't remember having needed to use it in the last 3 years). But I don't ever install it on a PC, and never tell the users to use it.
"is this the one: "
No, Disk Cleanup is part of Windows.

Don't get turned off by the first few paragraphs, and start with "Windows Update Cleanup Process".

(If you get to the Disk Cleanup tab (third image) and do NOT have the button "Clean up system files".  Then read the beginning paragraphs and install the download offered here 
You should already have it from Windows Updates several years ago.)

I do not use CCleaner.

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25112Author Commented:
this was helpful- thanks!
Glad to have helped.
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
@25112 - You are very welcome and I was happy to help.
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