fixing unicode of death iphone text reboot messaging problem

I thought I was being cute - I sent a friend the Unicode of death / 'power.... ' text that reboots your phone / crashes messaging from my iphone.

it did as planned. my understanding is to resolve that, I needed to send them a text with normal characters.

Before I did that, they found another work around.  they went into pictures and sent me a text message with just the picture. that resolved the problem on their phone.  But now it seems that broke my phone.  I can't get into messaging.

I sent them a text from inside photos and they replied.  I could go into messaging  But I noticed when going out of their conversation to the list of conversations in messaging.  it would crash.  Starting messaging again, I could go into other conversations, hit the back button and get to the list of conversations.  But again, once I go into their conversation, and then back, it crashes imessage.

from the list of conversations, I then deleted the conversation with them.  Now messaging is broken again. I could likely send them a text via photo again, but I feel foolish - I thought I was being a hot shot sending then fixing the bug.

Seems weird that with that conversation deleted / phone rebooted, it still can't open messages?

any suggesstions?
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JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
Power the phone OFF. Hold the top button down until the Power Off message appears. Swipe it to confirm power off and let it shut down.  Wait one minute.

Power it back on and you may be lucky.

If you are unlucky, back it up with iTunes, go into Settings and do a full recovery from the backup.
BeGentleWithMe-INeedHelpAuthor Commented:
thanks. that opens another question about how a 'full backup' even with itunes (vs. icloud), doesn't back up everything, right?  I forget what, but I remember playing with my phone once, doing a backup then restore... and I was fiddling with things for days to get it back the way it was?  Forget what I had to do, but there were things (settings?) that were at default settings after the restore?
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
Backup with iTunes will restore everything with the possible exception of Camera Roll. Camera Roll can be copied to the computer with the Window that comes up "What action to take" Other than that, all gets restored and you can (if you use it) re-sync Outlook to the iPhone. I have done restore with a new, replacement phone and the only thing lost was the Camera roll which I had in a backup anyway.
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Hamidreza VakilianSenior iOS/Android DeveloperCommented:
Did you try sending a message to that number with siri?

Say this to siri:
"Send a message to somebody somename"

It asks you what to send, you say "hello"

And then open your messages and check it up.
BeGentleWithMe-INeedHelpAuthor Commented:
interesting...  I couldn't open messages - the screen would flash and go back to the home page.

Now after a couple days of texts from twitter, people, other companies, I can now open messages.  but if I scroll down the conversations to see older conversations, it crashes?!   So someone did send me the power message and these newer texts came from enough different people so that infected conversation is below the home page.  now how to find who sent it to me?!

I had used the 'read unread messages' back when the problem started. but didn't list any I didn't know.
Hamidreza VakilianSenior iOS/Android DeveloperCommented:
Tell siri to read your recent messages:
"Read my recent messages"

Then it will display the message and the number who sent you the power message.

Now tell siri to reply to that number as I mentioned above.
BeGentleWithMe-INeedHelpAuthor Commented:
you know how to tell it to skip a message? I get twitter / cnn / usa today messages : )
BeGentleWithMe-INeedHelpAuthor Commented:
Arg!  I had it start to read messages, wasn't there to say no to reply to each one and now it says you have no messsages.  I tried 'read my recent messages' &  'read my messages'

now she doesn't want to read any : )
Hamidreza VakilianSenior iOS/Android DeveloperCommented:
Oops that because you chose to mark all the messages as read! So that devil message is unflagged!
Hamidreza VakilianSenior iOS/Android DeveloperCommented:
I found another way; get to your spotlight search and look for word: Power; it will show you the sender's number under "Messages" section; then try to send a message to that number as I said.

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BeGentleWithMe-INeedHelpAuthor Commented:
thanks.  I tried the spotlight... but the ones that came up all have ME sending them the power message.

But I replied to my brother - the power message going out from my phone was the last thing in that conversation.  That seems to have fixed it!  So it seems  I broke my own phone in the end by sending the message OUT!?  : )

I had sent it to several people before and then sent a followup text to fix it on their phones.  It wasn't till I sent it to one person who replied to me with a picture through photos  that things started happening on MY phone.  Interesting nuances.

thanks for the help.
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