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Using ASP.NET/C#, how can I form a multidimensional dictionary or something that is equivalent?

Here is an example of the structure I need:
Basket1 =>
  "USDCAD" = "Buy",
  "EURUSD" = "Sell",
  "USDCHF" = "Buy"
Basket2 =>
  "USDCAD" = "Sell",
  "AUDCAD" = "Sell",
  "CADJPY" = "Buy",
  "CADCHF" = "Buy"
Basket3 =>
  "EURUSD" = "Buy"

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You can, in effect, nest any collection in .NET. Each collection is a type, so you can use those collections as the types of other collections. You could do:

List<List<string>> doubleList;
Dictionary<string, List<string>> dictionaryOfLists;
Dictionary<string, Dictionary<string, string>> dictionaryOfDictionaries;
Dictonary<string, Dictionary<string, List<string>>> dictionaryOfDictionariesOfLists;

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You simply need to write the types accordingly when you declare.

My guess is that you're looking for something like:

Dictionary<string, Dictionary<string, string>> baskets = new Dictionary<string, Dictionary<string, string>>();

baskets.Add("Basket1", new Dictionary<string, string>());
baskets.Add("Basket2", new Dictionary<string, string>());
baskets.Add("Basket3", new Dictionary<string, string>());

baskets["Basket1"].Add("USDCAD", "Buy");

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