Text overflow in Powerpoint 2010 text boxes - how to control

hi Folks
Just wondering - I'm aware that in Publisher there is a text overflow option. I wonder if there is anything similar in Powerpoint. So for example if I type in a text box and the text exceeds the limit of the text box, is there a way for me to direct that overflow into another text box or am I stuck with the existing options around automatic text re-sizing. Thank you.
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Jamie GarrochSenior Technical Consultant at BrightCarbonCommented:
Interesting question. As PowerPoint is a presentation app with more layout freedom when compared to a Publishing or Document app, the functionality you describe doesn't exist.

PowerPoint has three possible settings to control text in a text box when it overflows:

1. Do not Autofit (the textbox)
2. Shrink text on overflow
3. Resize shape to fit text

The reason I mention these is that the third option could be used by some VBA macro code to perform the feature you describe. But, there is no event to detect that the textbox size has changed so it would have to be a manual operation based on the user clicking a custom button in the ribbon or running the macro in the presentation. You'd also have to create a mechanism to define what your original textbox size was (possible with a custom right-click feature). The macro could then check to see if your text box had changed size and if it had increased, truncate (cut) the text until the box returns to it's former shape and copy that cut text into a second textbox. Because of the lack of the event described above, it would be a bit of a cumbersome solution but technically possible.

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agwalshAuthor Commented:
OK, well that's good to know and I will pass on that answer :-)
agwalshAuthor Commented:
Gives me clarity around what I can and can't do in Powerpoint :-)
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