Update failed windows server 2012 R2

hello i have a Windows 2012 R2 that has failed on Windows update
i get the error on boot : "We couldn't complete the update undoing changes do not turn off your computer"
and it just do a boot cycle every 30-45 min.

i have tryes to go to safemode and uninstall all the updates form there but, it is not posible
tyed starting the msiserver service still not able to uninstall.

any one have som help here ?? the server is AD and important

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nova-cAuthor Commented:
forgot to say that it is in hyper-v and that i have tyed to turn off secure boot
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
Try the general Microsoft Site for the Update Readiness Tool


Try the following Microsoft Site for general update failure.


Finally look through the Windows Update Troubleshooting site. The manual approach requires registry settings so take great care.

noxchoGlobal Support CoordinatorCommented:
You need to restore the server to restore point. Each update installation creates a restore point. This is the reqson the update takes so long.
Boot the server from Windows 2012 Installation DVD from which you installed this Windows and go to Recovery tools. There perform restore to the restore point created before update installation.
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nova-cAuthor Commented:
this is how I fixed it:

•Booting from Server 2012 R2 installation media DVD from CD\DVD drive
•Run repair and select CMD
•From CMD use DiskPart to find out which disk and volume your System and Windows data is stored on
•Exit DiskPart and run 'ren E:\Windows\WinSXS\Pending.xml Pending.old' where E:\ is your Windows installation folder
•Now run 'SFC /Scannow /OffBootDir=C:\ /OffWinDir=E:\Windows' again where C:\ is your System partition and E:\ is your Windows folder location
•Restart system and allow it to boot up as normal (not from media)

hope this helps other people :-)

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nova-cAuthor Commented:
I think my solution is better that the other two
Laurent UlrichSenior IT Consultant Commented:
Let me explain my experience :
- deploy VMWare 5.5u2 VM from a Template which works for ages
Since 2 weeks the update process fails
- update 1 , around 35 updates installing successfully
- update 2 , 1 update of 800Mo installing successfully
- update 3 , 179 updates - everything is installing correctly but at the first boot => Windows cannot bla bla bla ... undoing changes
- I experienced this on 6 VMs trying to change serveral settings and nothing was working

Only one workround "works", it's to deselect the KB3096411 of +/- 800KB
After having deselected this update the 178 updates are successfully installing.
As I got this problem on several machines, I rebooted twice to make sure any problem will not appear later.
All seems to be ok, no high cpu usage by TrustedInstaller at all, nothing
Then another update is proposed, a KB of around 20Mb : install ok, reboot ok, no problem.
- 5 Optional updates are still proposed
- check for updates - nothing else than this 5 optional
- I undide this $%#@&£ KB3096411 and check for update , no changes 5 optional & 1 important
Because I wanted to know if this update is still required I cleared the W.U. cache by doing :
Start -> Run and type “cmd“
   “net stop wuauserv“
   “cd /d %windir%”
   “rd /s SoftwareDistribution“
    “net start wuauserv“
Then I checked for updates, no changes 5 optional & 1 important, the same one
- I install this KB3096411 : OK
- reboot : working on updates takes time at 61% to complete then :
We couldn't complete the updates.
Undoing changes
Don't turn off your computer

The system automatically reboot a second time and again :
We couldn't complete the updates.
Undoing changes
Don't turn off your computer

The system is ready to logon after this.
Once logged on, I can see that the %@#£$ is there as a failed update in the history.

In the KB3096411 article, it is written : Install this update to resolve issues in Windows ^o^

You remember the update 2 step at the begining of this post, this was the KB3000850, a Rollup for Windows 2012. https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/kb/3000850

This KB3096411 has been released to correct a bug in the Windows reporting and is required once KB3000850 is installed ...

No pending.xml in C:\Windows\winsxs is present.

Any suggestion to solve this issue is appreciated.

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