Fulltext Search Mystery Result

I'm performing a fulltext search like so:

  FROM CONTAINSTABLE([dbo].[FulltextDiary], ([DocumentText]), '"Shaun*"') CTT

It returns a whole set of results, but one of them seems a bit odd. I check the [DocumentText] column in the relevant table, and, indeed, the string "Shaun" is nowhere to be found, let alone anything starting with the string "Shaun". I also cannot find anything looking remotely like Shaun, e.g. Shawn, Séan, etc etc etc.

How can I find out what it was that led to a particular row being included in the search result?
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Guy Hengel [angelIII / a3]Billing EngineerCommented:
I think it is not mentioned in the full text index anywhere where the indexed value was found actually.
so, without having the document/file itself, impossible to reproduce the issue ...
if it is a office document, anything in the file properties?
WernerVonBraunAuthor Commented:
Hey Guy, long time .... :-)

No, it's plain text in the [DocumentText] column. Tis a mystery to confound....


Guy Hengel [angelIII / a3]Billing EngineerCommented:
what is the collation of the db?
what is the collation of the table?
what is the collation of the column?
what is the collation of the connection?

could you post the relevant sql to reproduce the issue?

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WernerVonBraunAuthor Commented:
Ok... I think I know what the problem is. The text in the [DocumentText] column is the content of a .msg file. How it works, exactly, is irrelevant. Suffice to say that we extract the plain text from the .msg file and then store it in that column for full-text indexing.

The problem is that in our original run we extracted the COMPLETE text from the .msg. That included not only the text in the .msg file itself, but also ALL the text that was contained in ALL its attachments, and lo and behold there is the string "Shaun" in one of the attachments.

However, we since fixed the procedure and re-ran the process over all the .msg files, and now it only extracts the body text, leaving the attachments alone. So the [DocumentText] column now no longer contains the text "Shaun".

So the real issue is: why has the fulltext index not updated itself?
Guy Hengel [angelIII / a3]Billing EngineerCommented:
the full text index is not updated real-time, but only on intervals.
check up the full text indexing jobs related to the full text index(es), normally configured by the full text index catalog
WernerVonBraunAuthor Commented:
I had change tracking switched on, but I found an error in the LOG, so I ran


and for good measure I've also done


I guess time will tell whether that will lead to it updating the index. If not, I will drop and re-create.
WernerVonBraunAuthor Commented:
The only thing that I'm a little worried about is that it told me "Warning: Full-text auto propagation is currently enabled for table or indexed view" when I ran the second statement. Is that cause for concern?
WernerVonBraunAuthor Commented:
Also.... [dbo].[FullTextDiary] is actually a view. Please tell me that Change Tracking still works in that situation?
WernerVonBraunAuthor Commented:
Well... it seems to be doing something. When I run this

       COUNT(CASE WHEN CTT.[KEY] = 5256811 THEN NULL ELSE 1 END) AS [TheRest]
  FROM CONTAINSTABLE([dbo].[FulltextDiary], ([DocumentText]), '"Shaun*"') CTT

Open in new window

(the offending row was one with key value 5256811)

The TheRest value is steadily decreasing now. I am guessing that at some point StillThere will also go back to 0.
WernerVonBraunAuthor Commented:
Yup. That sorted the problem. Gee whiz.
WernerVonBraunAuthor Commented:
Here's a few poinks for old time's sake :P
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