Using MS Office VBE IDE objects,how to automate Find/Replace code in VBA Modules

I have a large number of Excel Templates that contain VBA code that need to be updated. The Find method of the codemodule object only returns true/false, not the location of the found string. Is there any way to automate the find-and-replace procedure?
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You will have to look at the text of the module. You can use the Lines() method to get some or all of the code.
Sub FindTextInProject()
    Dim vbp As VBProject
    Dim vbComp As VBComponent
    Dim lLineCount As Long
    Dim strCodeText As String
    Dim n As Integer
    Dim iPos As Integer
    Set vbp = VBE.VBProjects("Normal")
    For Each vbComp In vbp.VBComponents
        lLineCount = vbComp.CodeModule.CountOfLines
        strCodeText = vbComp.CodeModule.Lines(1, lLineCount)
        iPos = InStr(strCodeText, "FindText")
        If iPos > 0 Then
            Debug.Print "'FindText' found in character position " & iPos & " of Module " & vbComp.Name
        End If
    Next vbComp
End Sub

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The VBA Replace() can be used to change the text.

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jhseymour113Author Commented:
Thanks for the quick answer. Just seems amazing after all these years that MS doesn't provide a method for doing this. But you've definitely given me the solution.
I can't speak for Microsoft with any authority, but I would guess that they would say that
- there is enough functionality to do what is required
- there is a very small audience for VB and VBA extensibility
- VBA is part of COM, which we started to deprecate in 2002 with .net
- even without the extensibility, automated code changes to a single module could be done by exporting the module as text, editing it with an automated editor and re-importing the modified code
jhseymour113Author Commented:
I agree with everything you say. If I had one or two templates, I wouldn't need any of this. I need to make a series of small changes to as many as 90+ templates. I already pulled all the common code into a single add-on, but these templates are just stubbornly different enough to require some minimal code in each one that is somewhat unique. For years, they never needed to be altered, but the move from Office 2003 to 2013 and from Access to SQL Server has forced a small set of unavoidable changes. Thanks for your insights and help.
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