New SonicWall firewall not allowing connection to Internet

This question is probably very basic to anyone familiar with hardware firewalls.  Problem is that I'm definitely not in that category.  I recently bought a TZ-150 model SonicWall firewall, but whenever I connect it to my Cable Modem (Zoom modem, Comcast is provider), I lose connection to the Internet (which is critical to my business, so worst-case scenario is that I'm just not going to use the SonicWall).  I am a total "newbie" to this area of network/Internet connectivity and setting up a hardware firewall, so any help would be greatly appreciated.  Frankly, I don't even know enough about this to ask any kind of specific question.  All I do know is that the way the current firewall settings are configured in the TZ-150, I can't connect to the Internet.  I'll provide screen prints and or any other information that anyone might need to enable you to help me out, but, at this point, I don't even know what screen shot would be of any use!
Jim KlocksinOwner, Data ArchitectsAsked:
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Benjamin MOREAUProject ManagerCommented:
You can use wizzard on the right top of the page. It's more eazy for a beginner to configure your Sonicwall.
Jim KlocksinOwner, Data ArchitectsAuthor Commented:
Tried out the Wizard and I still can't get connected to the Internet...
First, a TZ150 is an older discontinued product, so did you buy this device used? If so, did you try to register it at If you did and were not successful then it was probably used as part of a Secure Upgrade Plus. Did you purchase any subscriptions?

Did you get a Getting Started Guide with the device and if so did you follow the Quick Start section? If you don't have one you can get it here:
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Jim KlocksinOwner, Data ArchitectsAuthor Commented:
My mistake, it's actually a TZ-105 model....and to further compound my problems with it, I attempted to update the firmware to a newer version and selected the option to reboot the device with the Default Settings (hoping to clear anything that I may have changed that would make resolving this situation even more problematic) and now I can't get back into the Setup screens?  I had changed the static IP address to correlate to my network, but I can't get to the device using either my IP address or the default  Any ideas on what I may have done to get myself locked out of the device, or, more specifically, what I can do to get back into the device (even a manual type of reset...)?
Ok, so you bought this new. You were able to connect to, register the device, and download firmware updates. This means you were able to connect to the internet with the device. All this is correct, yes?

By rebooting with the defaults, your LAN address was reset to the default. So you have to connect to it the same as you did originally, and login with the default id and password.

If all else fails there is a reset button (pinhole) on the rear near the power switch. Using the end of a paper clip, press and hold to set to safemode. Then you will be starting over.
Jim KlocksinOwner, Data ArchitectsAuthor Commented:
Regarding your first paragraph:  I did buy this new, connected to and registered the device.  I also downloaded the firmware updates onto one of the computers on my LAN.  I was NOT able to connect to the Internet with the device.  However, after changing the default IP, I was able to see my network from the device and was able to upload the firmware updates from my computer on my LAN.  

I've tried to reconnect using, but that's not working for me so I'm going to find that pinhole you mentioned and reset the device that way and then try I have a flashing orange light over what appears to be an icon of a "wrench" and I'm waiting.....OK, now I've booted into SafeMode, ran thru the Setup Wizard to reset the device IP so I can see it from my network, and, after attempting to route my Internet connection thru the SonicWall device, I'm back to "square one", no connectivity when attempting to use the device.  Switched my Internet connection back to my switch and re-established Internet connection to be able to finish this post.

The progress made thru all of this is that I can now log into the SonicWall device and have access to all the settings that I totally don't understand (I'm primarily a programmer, with some database knowledge, and, some would say, above average computer knowledge....but I don't really understand any of this firewall jargon).  So, again, I'm reaching out for whatever help I can find, since I really would like to have the protection of a hardware firewall on my network!  TIA
Can you attach a copy of both the Network settings for the LAN and WAN interface on the Sonicwall.

Does you internet service have a fixed ip address or are you using DHCP?
Jim KlocksinOwner, Data ArchitectsAuthor Commented:
I kept making changes and, sure enough, I messed something up and had to go back to the "paper-clip" fix!  Right now, my mindset is to NOT do anything until I get some direction from someone like yourself.

That said, I'm back to "square-one" once again and the only thing I did differently this time when I ran the SafeMode setup is that I selected the DHCP option (I was using static, which really isn't the case although my public IP doesn't change very often...).  Reality is that my internet service is thru Comcast so I guess I really should be using DHCP.  I've attached a copy of the LAN and WAN setting as you requested (didn't know what to enter as the Host Name, so I just left that entry blank!?).  And, like I said, I'm not playing around with this any more until I have more confidence in what I'm doing....

LAN Settings:
WAN Settings:
Ok, two things, first on the LAN I assume that all your devices are on the subnet you typed. That is, all LAN devices HAVE a fixed ip address that starts with 192.168.9.x. Is that correct?

Follow the instructions in the link below to set up the WAN interface with DHCP.

Does it work now?
Also, the attached article will provide instructions on most other things you will want to do once this is working.
Jim KlocksinOwner, Data ArchitectsAuthor Commented:
I went thru all the steps outlined in your first link (as well as all the other links contained within that link) and it's still NOT working.  I also tried overriding the MAC address scenario and that didn't help either!  Any other ideas?
Were you able to ping anything on the internet as per the tech note?

This will tell us if your problem is on the LAN or WAN
Jim KlocksinOwner, Data ArchitectsAuthor Commented:
NO, I never received a valid "public" IP address for the WAN (as shown in the articles and demos....) and when I tried to ping, no response!
Did you ping from the Sonicwall or a PC on the lan?

What kind of (ISP) internet service do you have? FIOS, cable, DSL or something else.

Setting this up is just not that hard, so there must be something basically wrong about the assumptions here.

Are you using a wired or wireless network in your office? Using a pc on your LAN that works when the Sonicwall is not connected, can you post the settings from the Network Internet tab under IPV4 properties. From the above postings I assume all devices on your LAN have fixed ip addresses, which I should see on your post. I think your default gateway might be set incorrectly when the Sonicwall is in the network. It should be the LAN ip of the Sonicwall.
Jim KlocksinOwner, Data ArchitectsAuthor Commented:
I think you're right about the default gateway since I used to have a SonicWall TZ170 and I do remember that the SonicWall's IP address was my default gateway.  Problem I had a while back was that I lost my Internet connectivity with my network with the TZ170 connected, so I just disconnected it and ran (as I do now) without a hardware firewall.  Since the TZ170 was so outdated, I decided at some point to buy the TZ-105 and when I couldn't get connectivity with my new SonicWall, I just disconnected it.  (NOTE:  I was going thru a period where I was very busy with some new programs and updating existing programs, so the SonicWall got put on the "back-burner"!)

Answers:  I attempted to ping from the Sonicwall device....I have cable service (Comcast) network is totally wired and I do use fixed internal IP addresses.  Here's the setup for one of my workstations:
IPv4 settings on workstation
Ok, lets try the following when you can.

Assuming the Sonicwall is still configured for the LAN and WAN interfaces, then...

Reconnect the Sonciwall with power off. Power the Comcast modem off/on and wait for it to stabilize, then power on the Sonicwall.

Check the Sonicwall for ability to ping by ip address. I thing this should work since you were able to get out to mysonicwall before. Assuming all is good, then go to a pc and change the default gateway to the Sonicwall LAN ip and see if you can bring up a web page.
Jim KlocksinOwner, Data ArchitectsAuthor Commented:
I really can't try this for awhile since I have emails and other work I need to be able to accomplish and I NEED the Internet to even connect to my client's network (without this connection I can't work, bottom line!).  Let me try to clear up one point you made though.  I was NEVER able to connect to anything using the SonicWall device.  When I connected to to register my device, the SonicWall device was not connected to my network.  I will try your complete suggestion later when I'm able to, but I did try the last part of it and changed the default gateway on one of my workstations to the IP of the SonicWall.  It didn't connect and the Windows diagnostic implied a possible problem with DNS, which I also think could be an issue.  In my DNS Server on my network server, the SonicWall device does NOT show up in my network.  Do you know why this might be?  Based on my limited knowledge, I believe that the DNS server should be able to identify any new network device automatically and I shouldn't have to manually add it, but, obviously, I could be wrong about that.  Is there any setting in the SonicWall setup that I need to populate to get my network server to detect the SonicWall device and it's IP address?
Ok, first thing you need to do is connect to WITH the Sonicwall and register the device. Until you do that it won't work. You connect to the Sonicwall on the LAN interface and then to using the TZ105 itself as in the Quick Start Guide.

Once the Sonicwall is in the network your internal dns should continue to work, as it eventually points to some dns server in the outside world.
Jim KlocksinOwner, Data ArchitectsAuthor Commented:
I'm totally confused.  I attempted to "re-register" my device directly from the SonicWall device.  It did change the Status page from "Not Registered" to "Registration Update needed".  When I click on the "link", nothing seems to happen.  The process for setting this thing up seems so convoluted that I'm totally frustrated as well!!!  Every time I do something that seems to work, they keep asking for something else that's even more confusing.  I really don't know what to tell you.  It appears that the device is registered, but it also appears that, for some unknown reason, I need to update this registration, somehow!?  How?  I have no idea.
Jim KlocksinOwner, Data ArchitectsAuthor Commented:
Followup:  I contacted DELL SonicWall support (more frustration...) and essentially was told everything I already knew EXCEPT how to update my Registration.  Their bottom line answer was that I had to buy some type of support contract if I wanted them to help me with anything.  I already bought the device (which will soon be in the trash), have never been able to use it, was told by support to set it up the same way I've set it up 20+ times (and lost all connectivity).  I'd be willing to purchase a support contract if I knew in advance that the device would work....they say, of course it will work but we can't help you get it to work unless you buy a support contract.  Outside of the fact that SonicWall is probably one of the best hardware firewalls on the market, I really hate the company and their marketing strategy.  Everything is an "added-cost" (AV, Anti-spam, etc.).  Frankly, at this point, unless you have some way I can get this thing working without buying another service contract (for a brand-new product), I'm fine with just dropping the whole thing, trashing the device, and using the limited firewall capabilities of my cable modem.  And thanks for all of your help, I'm just tired of this whole process AND I do have some real work I have to concentrate on (and possibly bring up as a totally different topic on EE for some help for another client of mine).
Don't give up! Unless the device itself has a hardware problem, it can be done. Is there anyway I can log into the Sonicwall? Did you acutally register and update the Sonicwall with it connected to the internet directly on the WAN port?

If so, If I could connect to a pc on your LAN and log into the Sonciwall via the LAN port, I can find out what the problem is.

What time zone are you in?

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Jim KlocksinOwner, Data ArchitectsAuthor Commented:
First, the SonicWall has NEVER been connected to the internet directly on the WAN port!  When my cable modem is connected directly to the X1 port, I have NO connectivity to the internet (my entire network is wired through my switch).

I allowed their tech support guy access to my computer and he made some changes so that (at the moment) I can't log into my SonicWall device (I can do the reset thing and get that working again if you think that would help).  I can give you access to my primary workstation via LogMeIn so, yes, you could connect to a PC on my LAN.

Finally, I'm in the Eastern Time Zone (US)....given what I've told you above, let me know if you still think you can do something for me to get me connected, caveat being that I have NO WAY of maintaining any connection to the internet if I plug my cable modem's Ethernet cable into the X1 port on the SonicWall....
I am in Eastern (NJ) as well.

How about tomorrow morning we give this a try. My telephone number is on my profile page. The earlier the better, give me a call and we can get started.
Jim KlocksinOwner, Data ArchitectsAuthor Commented:
Spent most of my life in your "neck of the woods"....grew up in Chatham, lived most of my life in Morris County until I moved down to Cape May County (love the ocean) back in 2002.  So I've got your phone number and I've reset the firewall so I can access it issue might be the time.  I try to run every day (sitting at a computer screen most of the day never did keep me in decent shape) but tomorrow is kind of "hit or miss" down here (expecting thunderstorms throughout the day).  Let me know what you consider "early" and I'll just make my plans around your schedule.  Thanks!
Jim KlocksinOwner, Data ArchitectsAuthor Commented:
carlmd has spent literally hours to help me get a somewhat tricky configuration for a SonicWall firewall device and my particular network to work without losing my critical Internet connectivity.  I want to thank him for all of his time and effort as well as his personal interest in resolving my issue.  I'm happy to say that my SonicWall device is up and running as well as my company's network and I owe it all to carlmd.  He's a true professional (and Expert) and without his assistance I was very close to just trashing my SonicWall device and chalking it up to another bad purchase!
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