Disable Password Request After Sleeping

I have many Labs all with iMac using Yosemite.
We are having some issues with our students that they don't log off and then iMac goes to sleep.
I want to be able to allow a teacher to log off that student if it's not there but it show the name of the student and require his password.
It's there a way to disable Require Password option after sleep for everyone using that iMac?
I want the computer to go to sleep but I don't want to request a password when we wake them unless none is log in.

Anyway to add an option to log off a student when computer is block asking for a password?
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SamKiraAuthor Commented:
I turn off screen lock in the Security & Privacy setting but that doesn't work for other users and they can always change that.
Zac HarrisSystems Administrator Commented:
If you enable Fast User Switching you will be able to type a username/password in instead of being restricted to the logged-in user. This way you can type in the account info for an admin and you will be able to login.
SamKiraAuthor Commented:
Thanks Zac. I know that but the problem is that after doing that at the end of the day I have sometimes 25 users log in on the same Mac and that's not good either.
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Zac HarrisSystems Administrator Commented:
You can always login and go into the process monitor and close all their sessions.

Unfortunately with great security comes great responsibility. If the users are not logging out the only real harm that can come to them is losing a document or the like...enough times of losing work and they will remember to save their work and hopefully with some training, log out... I mysefl usually have 3-4 user accounts logged into my imac and macbook all the time and haven't seen any real harm.

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If you just want to get past the lock screen, press option enter and you will then be able to enter your admin account and password to unlock the screen.

You can reboot at the end of the day and that forces a logout, resetting the screen saver and closing all logged in accounts.

You can also remotely force a logout of the user, thereby disabling the screen saver.

From the command line, with Remote Login enabled,
ssh Remote_Admin@Remote_Computer_Name_or_IP
ps -ef |grep loginwindow
kill PROCESS_ID_of_loginwindow

Or if you want a GUI and have Remote Management enabled:
Get Apple Remote Desktop for $79 from the App Store and select the system(s) you manage, go to the menu bar at the top.  Select Manage --> Log Out Current User
Maybe the easiest thing to do would be to set an auto log-off on inactivity timer for each user, of say, a half an hour:


Then the user would be logged off automatically after a half hour of inactivity.
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