Migration from Googel Apps

Need help regarding the exchange Installation. The current mail server hosted with google apps and need to move the mail hosting in-house. Need the advice on the following to do migration on a cost effective manner as budget is tight.

For the 200 users, what would be the sizing with regard to the Hardware setup,storage requirements

How i can test the various services before go live

how to migrate google app mailboxes to the exchange

Appreciate your help
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Koen Van WielinkBusiness Intelligence SpecialistCommented:
Not quite sure about the hardware specs and the testing as I'm not an exchange expert, but I can provide some thoughts on migrating the emails. Unfortunately because Google is hosting your mail, you have no direct access and will have to rely on the users to get this done. As far as I know you have 2 possibilities:

1. Use Google's "Takeout" function to extract the emails to MBox format. Then convert the MBox file to PST using a tool like MBOX-To-PST-Converter. This would require each user to navigate to the takeout page and create an archive. This archive can be stored on Drive or downloaded directly to the hard drive. After that you could collect the files, convert them and upload them to your Exchange server.
2. Allow users to setup POP3 or IMAP connections in Outlook to their Gmail account, which would allow them to download their emails into Outlook directly.

Like I said, either solution would require the user to perform the steps as you do not have access in any way to their emails.

The other significant step is to update the MX records on your DNS server to direct your incoming emails to your new Exchange server instead of Google's mail servers. You probably want to do this first after you have setup your Exchange environment, so that any new incoming emails would be sent to Exchange. After that the users would have the time to import their existing emails from Gmail whenever they're ready.
As an intermediate step you could also first setup mail forwarding to your Exchange server for all your mail (before updating your MX records). This would give you a chance to test your Exchange configuration while still having email sent to Google first. Once you're satisfied that Exchange is working, you could update the MX records to point to Exchange directly. This is assuming you have Google Apps for Work/Education where you can configure mail forwarding in the admin console.
Hope this helps to get you started.

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Allen FalconCEO & Pragmatic EvangelistCommented:
Actually, using the Admin account, you can migrate email without accessing each individual account.

In this example, we would license Bit Titan or CloudMigrator, as these tools will get the email, calendar, and contact data from Google Apps and can import the data into Exchange.

There is a cost, but it will be less expensive and more accurate than moving accounts manually and individually.
Koen Van WielinkBusiness Intelligence SpecialistCommented:
Interesting information Allen, wasn't aware of these tools.
The MX record update is still required though, regardless of the chosen migration solution.
Allen FalconCEO & Pragmatic EvangelistCommented:
Yes, you will need to change MX records.

You can configure dual delivery during the transition, as well, to ensure no loss of data.
shamnadAuthor Commented:
Many thanks for your valuable tips and how can i test it the entire setup without disturbing the existing setup ie have to show case it as a proof of concept using two or three users as live.

Also, allen could you please shed more light into it how to configure dual delivery.
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