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How to install WAMP and use it as an internal intranet web server in a small company

I created an HTML / JavaScript / PHP application on a local desktop machine at my company.  To do the development and programming for this I had installed WAMP 2.5 on the standalone desktop.  It all works fine on the desktop by simply navigating to "http://localserver/pio.html" using IE 11.

But now ...

I want to move this developed package onto a dedicated Windows 2012 Server named "flightdeck" that was just set up for this application on our company's intranet so that all employees can access it via their workstation's IE 11.  I assumed that navigating to "http://flightdeck/pio.html" from anywhere on our intranet for all users would have worked ... but it does not.  No access is given.

I suspect, of course that the WAMP Apache is, for some reason, not acting as a webserver on our local intranet.  What needs to be changed in WAMP to have it run as an intranet webserver with access to applications within its www folder?
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Dave Baldwin
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If you go to the WAMP icon in the task bar, there is a setting to make it available on the network.  The 'flightdeck' address must be set up in your local DNS for the other machines to see it.

You will probably have to change your firewall to allow incoming access on port 80.  If you have IIS installed on that machine, you will have to use a different port because IIS hogs port 80 on all IPs on a machine.
besides allowing the ports through the firewall, I think you just have to change the httpd.conf file of apache and add the IP to listen on.
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Joe Weinpert


As suggested, I remoted into the server and launched http://localhost/pio.html via IE 11 and it is working.  When I change the URL address in the browser to http://flightdeck/pio.html (as I remain on the server) it also works except for accessing the MySQL database tables.  This is probably because I hardcoded "localhost" in the MySQL connection string in all the PHP scripts.  I will need to change those connection strings to "flightdeck".

However ...

I still am not able to get the flightdeck server to respond to http://flightdeck/pio.html from anywhere else on the intranet.  The IE 11 browsers say "Waiting for response from flightdeck..." in the status bar (see attached).

As to the port, I clicked on the wamp system tray icon -> Apache -> Service -> Test Port 80 and it responds that it is working (see attachment).

One other note ... this Server 2012 is not a physical server.  It is a virtual server.  Does that complicate the problem?

I will go over this with our Network Administrator.  Are they any suggestions that I may point to for him to look into besides firewall and DNS?