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wireless internet on home way too slow on laptop

I have a home network that works well with all of my computers and guest but this laptop I'm on is WAY too slow.  It's the only one that is.  This is what I have tried:
Reset the modem (Comcast)
I don't have a]the adapter to hard wire with cable to test.
I've tried Firefox and Explorer. Explorer is a little better.
This computer processes everything fast just not connecting to the internet and downloading.
The home network shows up and says it has a good signal.
Any wireless router works fine other than my home one where all other computers work fine.
I'm standing by on this computer if anyone has a suggestion to try.
i yr old Dell i7 Precision
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Not the other computers (you said); not likely your internet connection or all would be slow (my conclusion).

So then the most likely possibility here is that the Wireless NIC in the problem computer somehow is not compatible with your home router.

Firmware upgrade on the router.
Firmware upgrade on the wireless card. Reinstall the existing driver just to do a full reset on the card.
If all does not work, change the card to a new (Intel) card.
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It is a laptop with a built in wireless no card? I just changed the connection to Intell connection settings to see if that is faster?
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I had that adapter that plugs into my USB then I could hard wire it, but I can't find it right now. I may have to go to the store and buy another one to compare. It is sickening slow. I'm on my iPad now to check the answers on this site because I click the SUBMIT button and it's 5 minutes before it goes through.
OK. Please let us know. There may also be operating system damage or hidden virus causing this issue.
I'm back on this computer with Explorer and it is a bit faster. I'll run my virus scan and see what happens too.
You know John, (You have helped me before, thank you) It's seeming more like now, Explorer is working ok and Firefox is all messed up. I'll do some more searches and download a malware scan and see. The scan I did didn't show anything.
Explorer downloaded and installed Malwarebytes fast and no problem. Firefox is still hung up on the SUBMIT button. I may post how to uninstall and install Firefox. Thanks for your time. I may have mis posted my question
@artismobile  - Thanks for the update. You can uninstall Firefox from Control Panel, Programs and Features. I have client that uses Firefox on their home computer and it bogged down with Firefox as well.  Thanks again and I was happy to help.
Very well, and you are welcome!