Microsoft Download Manager doesn't work in Internet Explorer 11

I'm trying to download a .ISO from Microsoft.  I installed Microsoft Download Manager.  However when i click the button for (Recommended) Download Manager it does NOT bring up Microsoft Download Manager - rather it just does the usual Internet Explorer prompt for 'Save/SaveAs' etc.

Here is what I'm trying to download:

Any ideas ?
Michael GreenSenior IT Consultant / IT Project ManagerAsked:
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David Johnson, CD, MVPOwnerCommented:
FTM works reliably here.. and it isn't part of internet explorer. you download a small .dlm file and FTM carries on, you can resume downloads.
Jackie ManIT ManagerCommented:
It is a bug of IE 11, and the workaround is as follows:

"Try to download the file in Internet Explorer 9 mode. To do this, follow these steps:

In Internet Explorer, open the MSDN Subscriptions download page.
In the Search box, search for the product that you want to download.
Open the Developer Tools pane. To do this, press F12.
Open the Emulation screen. To do this, press F8.
On the Document mode list under Mode, click 9.
On the User agent string list under Mode, click Internet Explorer 9.
Note After you change the user agent string setting, the download page reloads in Internet Explorer 9 mode.
Try again to download the product. The File Transfer Manager application or another download manager should open.
After the download begins, close the Developer Tools pane. To do this, press F12 or click the Close button in the upper-right corner of the pane.
Note After the download begins, you can close the Developer Tools pane without interrupting the download progress. The browser remains in Internet Explorer 9 mode until you close this pane.”


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Michael GreenSenior IT Consultant / IT Project ManagerAuthor Commented:
This seems to still be a problem...and now I can't even get the work-around to work.....
Michael GreenSenior IT Consultant / IT Project ManagerAuthor Commented:
Here is the latest update from Microsoft :

and a related article about why the work-around won't work any more:
Michael GreenSenior IT Consultant / IT Project ManagerAuthor Commented:
Unfortunately, as of March 2015, MSDN has discontinued the use of the Microsoft File Transfer Manager
Jackie ManIT ManagerCommented:
It is OK to use the Download Manager, but you need to run the 32 bit version of IE 11 which can be found in the location below.

C:\Program Files (x86)\Internet Explorer\

I assumed that you have already installed the Microsoft Download Manager.

After running IE11 (32 bit) , logon to the MSDN site, after clicking Download button, a new windows will be pop up and ask you whether you want to install "Akamai Download Manager", click "Install" and you will be prompted with the warning below.

Akamai Download Manager
Click the box "Do not show me the warning again" and click "Allow" button.

After install of Akamai Download Manager, shut down IE11 (32 bit) and run IE11 (32 bit) again to logon to MSDN. If Akamai Download Manager is installed properly, when you click a Download button, the Windows Download Manager will appear and will ask you whether you want to start the download.

Windows Download Manager
Windows Download Manager did start the download as shown above and the download can be completed but the speed is not significantly faster in my test.

In short, Akamai Download Manager does not work in IE11 (64 bit).

My test is using eopen account and I do not have msdn account to test.
Direct link to akamai download manager upgrade:
Jackie ManIT ManagerCommented:
Go to akamai dlm update page with 64bit browser, maybe it has something to offer.
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