Mailbox's reaching 50GB

Good day,

I have a couple of mailbox's reaching 50GB. I know MS Outlook's ost will not grow past 50gb.

I am running archives on those mailboxes but  eventhough the online archive sits on different DB on Exc server it still adds to Ost size in Outlook.

Example :

Mailbox size = 30GB
Archive size = 17GB
Ost size = 47GB

What is the correct way of dealing with this?

Leroy LuffHead of IT & DIgitalAsked:
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JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
Can you take your Archive off-line and so reduce the OST file?  You can still access the email in Archive when it is outside of Exchange.
Ankit PareekOnline MarketingCommented:
You can increase your mail box storage size in MS outlook. to increase your limit or decease you can do this via registry or via group polices.

You need to specify first that which version of outlook you are using 2007, 2010 or something else. you also follow this link to increase your capacity in outlook

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amilie wilsonCommented:
By following simple steps you can reconfigure the size of OST file :

1.      Click on Start and then click on Run
2.      Write Regedit and then press to Ok
3.      Now a window of My Computer will be pop up in you have to select HKEY_CURRENT_USER
4.      Select Software, and then click on Microsoft and then Expand Office
5.      If you are working with Outlook 2003 then expand 11.0, if Outlook 2007 then choose 12.0 or for Outlook 2010 choose 14.0.
6.      Click on OST and then right click on MaxFileSize
Note-: MaxFile Size- It specifies the absolute maximum file size that can be extended after that Outlook will not allow to extend the limit of OST file size.
7.      Select Modify and then specify the limit in Value Data Box
8.      After that click on Ok button
9.      Now Right Click on WarnFile Size and repeat the steps 7 & 8.
Note-: WarnFile Size- It define extreme data that OST file can consist.
10.  Now Right click on MaxLargeFile Size and repeat steps 7 & 8
11.  After that Right click on WarnLargeFile Size and repeat steps 7 & 8
Will SzymkowskiSenior Solution ArchitectCommented:
Having OST's over 25GB in size could lead to possible corruption of the OST itself. This also takes up a lot of drive space as well. The easiest solution is to set this user up with Online Mode.

Leroy LuffHead of IT & DIgitalAuthor Commented:
Thank you all for the different options.
Each option has credibility  to it.

My short term solution is to increase outlook's ost size through registry.

My longterm solution is : I will delete all mails older than 2 years on local exchange. These emails is archived on mimecast - should we need them we can access them though mimecast online portal.

Thanks all
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