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Jenkins auto deploy

Hi all
    i have installed Jenkins on my windows server, the Publish Over SSH Plugin has been installed as well, i use SVN to manage my source code. now i would like to setup auto deploy to build my source code use Jenkins after Compile finished, use Publish Over SSH Plugin to transfer the file to my linux APP server, i use tomcat for app software. how can i do it? any guide for this ?
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Have you checked official documentation?
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yes, but it is not clear, how about the Deploy Plugin? i just want to deploy WAR or JAR to remote server, is there any example?
Send files or execute commands over SSH after the build runs
As long as the build was attempted, this will run after the build finishes, and will run whether the build is successful or not
This allows cleanup or shutdown of services started before or during the build
Use the publisher (Send build artifacts over SSH in Post-build Actions) to publish build artifacts from succesful builds
can you show me how to fill the send build artifacts over SSH ?
In maven it is just configuring SSH connection
let me look at
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Deploy to container Plugin is working well