How to rename Thousands of Word Documents based on the contents of the Document

Due to a tech here reimaging a Hard drive and wiping the contents I have gotten back all the data but they are numbered File001  file 002 ect I have tried to do a script

Set objWord = CreateObject("Word.Application")

Set objDoc = objWord.Documents.Open("c:\scripts\test.doc")

Set objRange = objDoc.Range(0,5)
strNewName = "C:\Scripts\" & objRange.Text & ".doc"

Wscript.Sleep 3000

Set objFSO = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
objFSO.MoveFile "C:\Scripts\Test.doc", strNewName

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Now that only renames the test .doc and try as I might I cannot get this to do Multiple files  as I dont have the Knowledge

Thank you in Advance
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Bill PrewIT / Software Engineering ConsultantCommented:
See if this helps, it loops through all DOC files in the specified folder (update to be yours) and renames to a destination folder (could be same as original location, but I left it flexible so it could be different too).

' Constants for file locations and replacement text
Const BaseDir = "B:\EE\EE28689779\Old"
Const DestDir = "B:\EE\EE28689779\New"
Const BaseExt = ".doc"
' Access the folder of files to process
Set objFSO = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
Set objFolder = objFSO.GetFolder(BaseDir)

' Load Word
Set objWord = CreateObject("Word.Application")

' Process each file in the folder
For Each objFile in objFolder.Files

   ' See if it matches the pattern of filenames we want
   If LCase(Right(objFile.Name, Len(BaseExt))) = LCase(BaseExt) Then

      ' Open this file in Word
      Set objDoc = objWord.Documents.Open(objFile.Path)

      ' Get text for new file name and build it
      Set objRange = objDoc.Range(0,5)
      strNewName = DestDir & "\" & objRange.Text & BaseExt

      ' Close document
      Wscript.Sleep 3000

      ' Rename document to new name from file contents
      objFSO.MoveFile objFile.Path, strNewName

   End If

' Close Word

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astynesAuthor Commented:
Thank You so Very Much ,Much appreciated

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