XenApp 5.0 on Windows 2008

Problem - We want metrics on which applications are being used using the reporting tool within XenApp console called Report Center. We just can't find much documentation.

Question - Is it true that XenApp 5.0 on Windows 2008 does not support a RM Summary Database? If so why is Report Center in the console?

Question - How do you setup the rmsummarydatabase and do you put it on the same SQL server as the Datastore or the new SQL 2014 Server we created to push this data to? I already created the ODBC on one of the Xenapp servers to point to my new SQL 2014 database server and created a database. How will the tables be created for the reporting?

Question - Can the Datastore store location be confirmed by looking at the Citrix XanApp servers for the file called M20 (an OBDC file)? If not how can you confirm the location of the datastore?

Question - Once Configuration Logging has been enabled and you create a Report Specification I believe you are supposed to point to the location of the Citrix Datastore or the rmsummarydatabase. Which one?

W2K3 32bit - 4 XenApp servers
W2K8 64bit - 3 XenApp servers
W2K8 64bit SQL server (Citrix datastore)
W2K12 64bit SQL 2014 SQL server (for Citrix reporting)
Jorge OcampoAsked:
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It should work for XA 5.0 on Win2k8.. I've never used it that way, but I can't think of why it wouldn't.  Worst case, you make one of your Win2k3 servers the farm connection for the database.

Here is a good link for configuring the database.  

The screenshots are for PS 4.0, but it never really changed during its life.

You can definitely put it on the same server as your IMA database. However..  There is absolutely no guarantee it will run on SQL 2014.  You would best be served by putting up a copy of SQL 2005, or SQL2005R2.. you could *try* SQL 2008/R2.

You can definitely confirm the location of your Farm (IMA) database by looking at the c:\program files\citrix\independent management architecture\mf20.dsn file (for an x86 server) or under c:\program files (x86)\citrix\independent management architecture\mf20.dsn on an x64 server.  (This is generally true, although if someone has moved the database, then it is possible there may be a different DSN file in use.  (When I do this, I usually create an MF19.dsn file).

Don't forget your database does need to be called 'resourcesummarydatabase'.

You will point your specifications at the resourcesummarydatabase, since that will contain all the data you are looking to report on.


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Jorge OcampoAuthor Commented:
Hi Coralon,

thanks for the info - i will post more Citrix questions soon
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