Server 2012 Standard regularly unresponsive

I have a server running Windows 2012 Standard that becomes unresponsive regularly and requires a hard shutdown. It is a dell poweredge T420. It's our DHCP and has file shares. When it freezes, the shares are inaccessible, I cannot remote onto the machine, but can ping it. Remote desktop will not work. When physically at the machine, ctr-alt-dlt will work but the log on screen never shows. The article linked below also describes my issues however the machine is not an HP and does not contain the .sys file referenced.
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Cliff GaliherCommented:
A hard freeze is almost always a misbehaving driver (or deep OS corruption.)  Is there any aftermarket hardware installed or attached?  If not then you can try to generate a memory dump (the blog you posted actually covers this scenario even if the exact file is different) or simply call Dell. Their server support is better than their desktop support by a fair bit.
Seth SimmonsSr. Systems AdministratorCommented:
first thing i would do is go through all the firmware, bios and drivers to make sure they are current; dell will ask that if you call them

beyond that, as cliff mentioned, is there any added hardware?

i would also do a memory test if you need to go further (server will be offline to users while testing)

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Gerald ConnollyCommented:
How is this server for RAM, what kind of utilisation levels does it run at?

And have you done any checks on the disks for errors?
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italo5696Author Commented:
There is no aftermarket hardware installed. I am updating the firmware, BIOS, and drivers now and then run a chkdsk and a memory test. There is 16 GB installed but system properties states 7.96GB as usable. Currently the utilization is at 1%-2%.
Seth SimmonsSr. Systems AdministratorCommented:
There is 16 GB installed but system properties states 7.96GB as usable.

that is a problem
i would verify the memory is installed properly and check if memory mirroring is enabled though i'm leaning more towards the slots not populated correctly.  i've seen this happen before where the wrong slots are used and the system (during post) will state that those modules will not be available for use
Tony GiangrecoCommented:
I agree with Seth. The system should always report the exact amount of memory installed on the motherboard unless you are running VMWare and only have a specific amount of ram allocated to the system you are viewing.

You should shut the system down, open the case and check what memory slots are filled.  Check with the motherboard manual and verify the correct banks are filled.

My best opinion from experience is there are four or eight banks and they are not populated properly.
italo5696Author Commented:
Usable memory is do to memory mirroring configuration. Closing out this ticket as server has been stable for about two weeks. Can't really say for sure what, hopefully, resolved the issue but I am leaning towards the backup software not functioning properly. But I also updated drivers and firmware which also could have resolved issue. Thank you everybody for your comments and suggestions.
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