HP EliteBook 8470p - Laptops Going to Sleep and Not Waking Up

I work for a public library. We have a Laptops Anytime Kiosk that dispenses 12 HP EliteBook 8470Ps (Windows 7-based)  to our patrons for in-library checkout. The AC adapter is plugged in while they're inside the kiosk and they have an extended life battery on them. The laptops run for our entire hours of operation.

Most, if not all, of the machines will sporadically go into a deep sleep mode while inside the kiosk; no button presses or keyboard taps will awaken then when they are like this. The only thing we can do is a hard reset. All of the laptops have deep sleep disabled and all the power settings set to "never turn off." Each of these have Deep Sleep disabled in the BIOS and are set to power on when A/C is detected. So, if they are turned off by a patron, they will turn back on when inserted into the machine.

I've talked to HP numerous times about this and have received the generic "update the BIOS" type suggestions. I did this on one of the laptops and shortly afterward the problem came back again. I thought I'd throw it to the experts now.
Wesley JohnsonIT AssistantAsked:
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Randy DownsOWNERCommented:
Try this.

if pressing the sleep button on the keyboard does not wake the computer, use this document to help resolve the issue.
Jackie ManIT ManagerCommented:
If the laptop cannot wake up from sleep mode, it should be crashed and a minidump error logs should be recorded.

Can you post back the minidump log? A similar question like the one in the link below can give you hints on how to troubleshoot the problem.

In short, there should be some kinds of driver / software problem which make the laptop crashes when it entered into deep sleep mode.

Davis McCarnOwnerCommented:
When they enter this state, is the power LED doing the slow on-off that should be normal for a PC that's asleep?
If not, what is it doing?

The normal start for power problems is to generate the report.  In an elevated CMD prompt ( CMD <CTRL-SHIFT-ENTER in the search box ), type POWERCFG -ENERGY <ENTER>  When it has completed, you have to copy the report from \WINDOWS\SYSTEM32 ( energy-report.html ) to someplace else in order to open it; but, it has a wealth of information about what is happening inside of Windows.
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Wesley JohnsonIT AssistantAuthor Commented:
I will generate an error log as soon as possible today and post it here. These laptops are equipped with Deep Freeze, so any logs from previous instances of this error will have been erased; we seldom go a day without suffering said error, though.
Wesley JohnsonIT AssistantAuthor Commented:
Randy - Looked into that, but the "Power Settings" tap doesn't display for me. Even if I go the "Change Settings" route I don't see it. But I blasted through all the settings on the laptop I'm using as my test case and all "Sleep" settings are disabled. Even "Deep Sleep."

Jackie - I will grab a dump file for you as soon as I see the error again. These laptops have Deep Freeze on them (a great program, by the way), so any logs from previous occurrences will be deleted. We seldom go a day without this coming up. Should be able to have something by this afternoon.

Davis - The LED isn't flickering. It appears to be some sort of deep sleep/hibernation though. The Elitebooks have three buttons on the top, right-hand side of the keyboard - WiFi, Internet (brings up a browser) and Mute. All three of those are lit up. The wireless goes from blue to amber.
Wesley JohnsonIT AssistantAuthor Commented:
I updated the BIOS and graphics driver on these when we first started having the issue at the suggestion of HP. Another BIOS update has been released between now and then; it's now on one of the laptops. They also suggested updating the chipset drivers, but the only ones available on the website were released in 2012.
Davis McCarnOwnerCommented:
Almost undoubtedly, the laptops try to go to sleep and are getting hung on something which, hopefully, the energy report will reveal.

I might also suggest that Deep Freeze is exacerbating things in that restoring a screwed up Windoze makes it almost impossible to fix.  Using it on a fully updated and fully functional PC isn't such a bad idea; but, not one which isn't working!  Can you disable it temporarily on your test PC?
Wesley JohnsonIT AssistantAuthor Commented:
Davis - We have DF in place because these PCs are used by the public and opening them up could prove disastrous. My IT manager did suggest temporarily disabling on it on one of the malfunctioning laptops; since he's OK with it, I believe that's where I'll go next.

I actually have one laptop suffering from this at the moment, but, due to Deep Freeze, I can't reboot it to retrieve the logs. If I perform the hard reset, it'll wipe all the logs. Do any of you know if Deep Freeze rolls back when it's shut down or rebooted? If the former, is there anything I could pull off the HD while it's shut down that would help? I could pull the drive out and attach it to my adapter and grab anything that might be worth looking at.
Wesley JohnsonIT AssistantAuthor Commented:
Also, as far as the lights go, I can now confirm that every light on the keyboard is solid and purple. I had thought the Wireless Light was amber which indicated it wasn't attached to the network.
Davis McCarnOwnerCommented:
DF is a kernel level protection that restores the PC to its image state at a sector level. ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Deep_Freeze_(software) )
As such, it is, in many ways, fraught with serious dangers and perils!  Updates to Windows or Office, antivirus definitions, newer versions of Flash Player or Adobe Reader, to name a few, are all vaporized when the PC is rebooted.  The lack of those in today's world means you need to completely disable internet access especially since the program does nothing to prevent damage to other network resources not on the local drive.
I guess I can understand it given your circumstances; but, somebody needs to implement a program wherein all of the updates are applied and a new DF image is generated on, at least, a monthly basis.
You NEED TO BE at Adobe Reader 11, Flash Player 18, Windows updated to June 2015, and whatever antivirus you use updated, too.  If the PC is not, its a sitting duck that will become infected (period!!!).
So, on the "test" PC, disable DF, update everything (check optional Windows Updates for hardware drivers, too), and see if the problem persisits.
Wesley JohnsonIT AssistantAuthor Commented:
We actually thaw & update. We just came off a 30 day trial of a new add-on offered by Faronics called Deep Freeze Cloud Connect; its purpose is to silently thaw & update programs like the ones you mentioned. Flash, Reader, etc. will all get the latest round of updates automatically. It's like what would happen if Group Policy was less messy and actually worked. I seriously can't recommend this product enough. We're going to get the full version when our fiscal starts in July. I just didn't know where in the process the DF re-imaging occurred.

I'm performing Windows Updates on each laptop, updating the BIOS and setting the new Laptops Anytime script while looking into this problem. They all have QuickTime 7, Java 8 Update 45, Microsoft Security Essentials with latest A/V signatures, Reader 11.0.11 and Flash 17. If we let any of these programs lapse, especially Flash/Java, the natives get restless due to being unable to play Farmville and/or the latest FB games.

Due to the frequency at which our computers are used and the fact that some show no discretion in what they browse, I think the biggest danger here would be running without Deep Freeze. Nevertheless, I went ahead and thawed one of the machines. Hopefully that will give us more data to work with. I'll update you all as soon as we see it again.
Davis McCarnOwnerCommented:
It ought to be Flash Player 18.0.0.xxx by now; but, I'm glad to see you are updating.  I've recently found that very few PC's even need Java so, if they have an old version, I uninstall it altogether....
Lets hope that something pops on the "thawed" PC
Wesley JohnsonIT AssistantAuthor Commented:
I'll check on the Flash Player, then. Might've missed an update.

I try to get as much as these without going overboard as I can. As a library, it's good to even keep old software that isn't riddled with flaws, just in case someone has need of it. It's interesting to see what all comes through the door shere.
Wesley JohnsonIT AssistantAuthor Commented:
Update: I'm still in the process of applying the new BIOS & updates to our stock. I'm through roughly half of them now and this appears to have cut down on the issue significantly. I've received no reports of it happening again before today; however, when downstairs earlier, a desk person informed me that she'd noticed it happen a couple of times but that she didn't tell me. I had another one tell me that they hadn't noticed it at all. I sent out an email to all there staff and asked to be kept in the loop. I'm hoping the ones that it did happen on had the old BIOS.
Wesley JohnsonIT AssistantAuthor Commented:
I'm going to call the BIOS update the fix for this. I had thought I'd updated them all and the problem didn't resurface. Until yesterday, that is. I had a report of one not turning on; when I went to investigate, I found that it was one I missed in my upgrading. The rest of them seem to be OK. The one I missed now has the latest version.

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Wesley JohnsonIT AssistantAuthor Commented:
Looks like HP's suggestion ultimately fixed the issue.
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