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Hi Experts,

I've configured my windows 2012 R2 domain contoller to sync time with an external time source. Then i configured my windows 8.1 clients to sync with the dc. Can i configure the member servers with this same dc using the same GPO?

GPO settings configured for the clients;

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TemodyPickalbatros, IT Manager

Any client or member pc or serve on domain should automatically sync time with the DC without any additional configuration
Is this new system issues or just you asking


Workstations were 1 hour behind. RDS server seems to switch between correct time and 1 hour behind. Thats why i'm asking ;).
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Personally you can either use a GPO to point your clients/servers directly to the PDC (which is the recommended approach). However I personally like to use the Hierical Method which does not involve any configuration with GPO's.

Hirarchy is below
External NTP server
PDC Emulator
Domain Controllers
Clients/Member Servers

So based on this example above all of the Domain Controllers will receive the correct time from the DC holding the PDC role. Your clients when they are added to the domain will reference a domain controller as their logon server which will then get its time source from that DC. The time source is accurate becasue the DC is getting its time from the PDC.

This also reduces the load on the PDC as well in large environments. I have run this exact setup in a 30,000+ user/computer environment and have had absolutely no issues at all with time source for clients or servers.

TemodyPickalbatros, IT Manager

from GPO or on local pc
in time and date setting make sure that automatic adjust option like on the server on or off



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