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Is there any benefit to backing up DHCP server?

We just separated our DHCP server and I'm wondering if there is any benefit of backing it up.  If so, what should we be backing up specifically to recover DHCP faster than reconfiguring/adding scopes again.
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Paul MacDonald
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"We just separated our DHCP server..."
No idea what this means, but it sounds sad.  

That said, yes, you should at least be backing up the database so you can restore a little more quickly.  It's better to have two DHCP servers with overlapping scopes though.
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Will Szymkowski
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If you use the DHCP server to reserve static IP's for those devices that need static IP's, like network printers, other server etc., (which is what I would recommend), then you should backup the DHCP server, or at least those files or database of the server which contain those reservations.
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Great article thanks for sharing!