SQL Scripts giving me an error

I have a POS server that I need to pull specific data so we can do data analysis, a friends of mine sent me this script, but we cannot figure out what is wrong with it. Here is the script:

SET @StartTime = '2015-06-07 12:00:00 AM'
SET @EndTime = '2015-06-07 11:59:59 PM'

    ISNULL(TRIM(CUS_AccountNum), '') AS 'Customer ID',
    CASE WHEN TRIM(CUS_LastName) IS NULL THEN 'NON MEMBER' ELSE TRIM(CUS_FirstName) + ' ' + TRIM(CUS_LastName) END AS 'Customer Name',
    TRIM(TLI_ScanCode) AS 'Item ID',
    TRIM(TLI_ReceiptAlias) AS 'Receipt Alias',
    TLI_Quantity AS 'Quantity',
    ITI_AverageCost * TLI_Quantity AS 'Extended_Cost',
    ISNULL(ExtendedBasePrice,TLI_Amount) AS 'Extended_Price',
    ISNULL(ExtendedBasePrice,TLI_Amount) - (ITI_AverageCost * TLI_Quantity) AS 'Profit',
    ROUND((Profit / Extended_Price) * 100, 2) AS 'Profit %',
    LEFT(TRN_EndTime, 10) AS 'DATE'
FROM v_Trans
WHERE TRN_EndTime >= @StartTime AND TRN_EndTime <= @EndTime
    AND TLI_LIT_FK IN ( 1, 15 )
    AND CUS_AccountNum IS NOT NULL

When I run this script, I get an error (attached file)

And it is only giving me about 150 rows of data.

Any help will be really appreciated.

Thank you,
Mario G.SupportAsked:
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Mario G.SupportAuthor Commented:
Ryan ChongBusiness Systems Analyst , ex-Senior Application EngineerCommented:
check the values for the field: Extended_Price, it seems contain 0 value which causing divided by zero error.

so u need a better handling for:

ROUND((Profit / Extended_Price) * 100, 2) AS 'Profit %',

and you can try something like this instead:

ROUND((Profit / case when Extended_Price = 0 then 1 else Extended_Price end) * 100, 2) AS 'Profit %',
Ryan ChongBusiness Systems Analyst , ex-Senior Application EngineerCommented:

case when Extended_Price = 0 then 0 else ROUND((Profit / Extended_Price ) * 100, 2) end AS 'Profit %',

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Mario G.SupportAuthor Commented:
Great, this worked!

I really appreciate your help on this Ryan!
Mario G.SupportAuthor Commented:
It worked!

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