CFGRID with "flash format" failes to work on Internet Explorer V11 and Google Chrome Browsers

  I have the following cfgrid statement and it works on Firefox browser always on any computer. But the same statement does not work on Google Chrome consistently on any computer with no error message. In Internet Explorer, it depends on the version (IE10, IE11) and the particular computer.
  How can I address this?

Thanks.CFGRID with Flash format on FirefoxCFGRID with Flash format in Google Chrome
<cfform name="frmtest" skin="HaloBlue" timeout="120">
    <cfgrid name="gridtest"
        height="400" width="700"
            sort = "yes"
            query = "GetOrderHistory"
        onChange = "getURL('OrderHistoryDetails.cfm?cfgridkey='+gridtest.selectedItem.ID)">

        <cfgridcolumn name="OrderDate" header="Order Date">
        <cfgridcolumn name="ID" header="Order No" width="60">
               <CFGRIDCOLUMN NAME="CustomerNo" DATAALIGN="LEFT"  HEADER="Cust##" width="60">
               <CFGRIDCOLUMN NAME="ShipTo1" DATAALIGN="LEFT"  HEADER="Ship To" width="150">
        <cfgridcolumn name="PONo" header="PONo">
        <cfgridcolumn name="Processor" header="Processor">
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I don't use Flash Forms anymore, but a quick search suggests the news isn't good :/

Bug 3687541 says this is a known issue and probably won't be fixed as Flash Forms are deprecated in CF11:

Title - Flash forms do not render on IE 11
Problem Description: Since IE 11 no longer represents itself as "IE", instead using something like this: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; WOW64; Trident/7.0; rv:11.0) like Gecko, flash forms no longer render with the <object> tag, but instead try the <embed> tag.

You didn't mention which version of Chrome, but recent versions deliberately dropped all support for what they call NPAPI plugins, which includes Flash.  Again, no work around other than to use FF instead. So if that's the cause, unfortunately you may be out of luck.

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Hm... actually I may be wrong about Chrome.  I thought they dropped it, but the link above says the PDF Viewer and  Flash Player Plugin are still supported.  So I'm not certain about Chrome.
sgleeAuthor Commented:
Thank you for the information and I appreciate it.
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