Exchange 2010 cant remove accepted domain

I have removed an accepted domain, deleted ALL the email addresses associated with that domain name.

The MX records for the domain point where they should and all external inbound mail flows to the correct mailbox in 365.

However mail send from inside the original organization never makes it out - it hits the old inboxes on the exchange server i removed the accepted domain from.

The mail should flow out ont t'internet and to the 365 environment.

I have added a send connector that sends that domain out, no joy. Created an external relay domain sending it out - no joy.

Rolled over the box, ran get-mailbox | where {$_.emailaddresses -like “*”} and it returns no results, as expected.


Can someone please shed any light on this for me please?

I am out of ideas, and i dont want to break out ADSI edit just yet, there must be a solution.

Many thanks Tom.
Thomas TaylorAsked:
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Amit KumarCommented:
If you have removed accepted domains, then there is no need to exchange server installed in an env. and even Send connectors will not work in this case as you are not connecting outlook with your CAS servers and mailbox servers. Your all mailboxes on Office 365 so it will be connected to Office 365 services. Shutdown your exchange servers and check where your outlook is connecting. Check mail flow from Office 365 OWA as they will be connected directly to Office 365 only, while checking OWA DNS cache will also not be interfering.

One more thing check if you have created any send connectors on Office 365 to redirect your mails to on-premise exchange setup.
Thomas TaylorAuthor Commented:
I have only removed one accepted domain. There are 7 others that I am keeping on prem.

The accepted domain I removed is setup and working in 365.

The issue is the on prem exchange server still 'thinks' it should accept mail for the removed domain and any mail destined for the domain I removed never gets out onto the internet.

The whole internet can send and recieve mail with the 365 setup. Just not from inside my on prem exchange organization.

Hope this makes sense.
Amit KumarCommented:
If over the internet there is no issue then I am not sure how issue can be inside the company network.

When mailbox is over office 365 so user will be connected to CAS services of Office 365 so it will automatically use transport services of Exchange online. Did you checked with OWA as well?
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Thomas TaylorAuthor Commented:
MX records are correct.

The office 365 environment is completely separate, I just transferred the domain name.

Everything works great.

The problem is that the Exchange server that USED to host the domain still thinks it does.

The whole world can send email to the 365 environment.

The users on the on prem Exchange environment that USED to host the domain cannot send to that domain as the exchange server accepts it instead of sending it out onto the internet and to my new fully functional 365 environment.
Thomas TaylorAuthor Commented:
OWA, command line, Outlook 2013, Outlook 2010

All the same - Exchange just accepts the email.
Thomas TaylorAuthor Commented:

Created a new user and mailbox.

I can send to the users correctly from this, so can some other users from their OWA.

My outlook client and OWA both deliver to the old mailboxes, so I guess this is something to do with the address list?

How can I clear out the stale address book entries for the users I am trying to move away from out on prem exchange?

Cheers Tom
Amit KumarCommented:
If you try opening mails in OWA then address book is applied by its home exchange servers e.g. Office 365 OWA will fetch address book from Office 365 users only. Check recipient configuration primary SMTP address, is it the same domain which you have moved on office 365.
Thomas TaylorAuthor Commented:

I solved this myself.

It was to do with cached addresses that users had pointing to the original mailboxes.

I created mail contacts for all the users and put forwards on their mailboxes to the relevant mail contact. This forced the mail onto the internet instead of being delivered locally.

Cheers Tom.

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Thomas TaylorAuthor Commented:
No one gave any relevant help on this one.
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