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Does anyone know how to reset the Cisco 7941 phone to default configuration or erase it so that I can manually configure the SIP configuration? the SIP configuration doesn't seem to be configurable according to the documentation and it appears that the a Call Manager is needed to configure it.
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Ok, I tried that it went through and looked like it worked and I saw 'upgrading' but it went through and did somethings rebooted but came back with its normal configuration (saw upgrading twice)..

I would like to clear it and then be able to configure it manually for SIP domain, proxy..etc but according to the following,
Table 4-2 Network Configuration Menu Options , it doesn't seem to be configurable unless I have Call Manager, is that correct?

Does anyone know how I can configure SIP Domain, Outbound Proxy, username name and password, autthorization ID without a Call manager?
You then have to write the configuration file with the appropriate values and then make it available under a TFTP server, then point the ip phone to the TFTP server for it to fetch the configuration file, parse it, and verify if has the correct syntax. Here is an entry that will set you out in the right direction:

There you will find not only the SIP settings, but also the firmware that it should go look for. My advise in these regards, is to find within the phone settings menu the firmware load it is using. It should be something like


So, configure that exact same version in the XML so that the phone won't go try to download a different load.
I'm fine with what the customer decided at the end, just don't see how that interferes with the answer provided to the initial question.

The appropriate answer was given and confirmed as per your comment:

"Ok, I tried that it went through and looked like it worked"

Points should be awarded in accordance to the efforts put to provide the information you were looking for.
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Customer decided to with a different route that was less expensive (RingCentral) instead of trying to spend hours troubleshooting the issue and they just need one line as they have downgraded their staff.

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