Can't install or upgrade or Get Java to Work - Java upgrade did not complete Error Code: 1063

Java upgrade did not complete Error Code: 1063.  Mysteriously a Java app in IE 10 stopped working.  So tried several things to fix it:

System Restore to earlier date and time when it worked.
Checkdisk (the one when right clicking C: drive - properties - tools - disk check - check both boxes - schedule on restart and restarted)
Cleared IE cache and Local profile temp files
Removed Java and tried to reinstall.  An offline network install completes without error but will not work in the browsers - will not Java Verify using
Checked Java settings in control panel and cleared java cache and made sure was enabled and disabled then re-enabled
reset security prompts in Java control panel
Turned off all AV's real time protection (using MS Security Essentials on Win7 64bit machine) and Windows Firewall
Used Java uninstall utility and tried reinstalling
Installed Java v7 and get the same issue - does not verify and when trying to upgrade to v8 gives same error

See here
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Ankit PareekOnline MarketingCommented:
Hey Have you check that you are having latest version of Java if not or still in confuse just download from official website at and check again that its work or not. you can also try these troubleshooting steps from here
MatterofaxAuthor Commented:
Yes, I did that already.
Your issue is a conflict between the installed version and the update, your best bet is to uninstall the java first, reboot and then install the new.
the update process likely fails to uninstall the version being upgraded.

If appwiz.cpl reflects the installed version as the new, run the repair option after reboot.
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The Error Code in your screenshot of the java error dialog is "1603" and not "1063" as shown in the question title and body.

There seems to have been an issue with Windows Update KB2918614 ( that goes back to last year.

There are loads more questions around on the Internet concerning your error code with Java and a connection with KB2918614, although not all of them give the exact error message you received.

I think it would be worthwhile following these steps:

1. Uninstall KB2918614  (should show in the "Add/Remove" list)

2. Uninstall Java ( OR run the Java removal tool (

3. Download and install the "offline" Java setup package (

The Windows Update KB2918614 seems to be riddled with "known issues", so I wonder whether it has ever been fixed and would be worthwhile reinstalling.  Evaluate the issues it was designed to address ( and see whether it is essential.

Do you really need Java?

A lot of security issues with java were announced probably a year ago, or perhaps even further back than a year.  loads of people chose to disable it or completely uninstall it.  I have only had one instance where a web page as prompted me to install Java since I chose to completely remove it a year ago, and it was only for a stupid insignificant advert or something that I could easily live without and was solved by using te browser's Back button.

Unless you play online games or access an Intranet that uses Java applets, you probably won't miss Java at all.  If you manage to update Java, I would suggest that you disable it and see how long you can go without being prompted to install it (i.e. re-enable it).
MatterofaxAuthor Commented:
I tried both online and offline installs of the current 8.5 version.  

KB2918614  is not and was not installed.
That's a pity.  I was hopeful that the issues were related.  Unfortunately I can't really offer any other suggestions, but hopefully other experts might.
MatterofaxAuthor Commented:
Resolution - using RegCrawler, searched and found all registry entries with string "Java" and deleted all of these from the registry.  Rebooted PC and reinstalled Java successfully and verified successfully.

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