remote software and version query.

I need a PS script to query installed software and version on remote servers which include the windows 2003, 2008 and 2012 servers.  

Please advise.  

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Ankit PareekOnline MarketingCommented:
Hey from power shell script you can check all installed software list at single time. I am not sure that its also works on remote server as well as . Here unable to write all steps you can follow this link to read out all steps
nav2567Author Commented:
I have read that already but it did not help.
Ankit PareekOnline MarketingCommented:
Hey try to use this may be this work
Function Get-RemoteProgram {
Generates a list of installed programs on a computer

This function generates a list by querying the registry and returning the installed programs of a local or remote computer.

Name: Get-RemoteProgram
Author: Jaap Brasser
Version: 1.2.1
DateCreated: 2013-08-23
DateUpdated: 2015-02-28


.PARAMETER ComputerName
The computer to which connectivity will be checked

Additional values to be loaded from the registry. Can contain a string or an array of string that will be attempted to retrieve from the registry for each program entry


Will generate a list of installed programs on local machine

Get-RemoteProgram -ComputerName server01,server02

Will generate a list of installed programs on server01 and server02

Get-RemoteProgram -ComputerName Server01 -Property DisplayVersion,VersionMajor

Will gather the list of programs from Server01 and attempts to retrieve the displayversion and versionmajor subkeys from the registry for each installed program

'server01','server02' | Get-RemoteProgram -Property Uninstallstring

Will retrieve the installed programs on server01/02 that are passed on to the function through the pipeline and also retrieves the uninstall string for each program
            $ComputerName = $env:COMPUTERNAME,

    begin {
        $RegistryLocation = 'SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\',
        $HashProperty = @{}
        $SelectProperty = @('ProgramName','ComputerName')
        if ($Property) {
            $SelectProperty += $Property

    process {
        foreach ($Computer in $ComputerName) {
            $RegBase = [Microsoft.Win32.RegistryKey]::OpenRemoteBaseKey([Microsoft.Win32.RegistryHive]::LocalMachine,$Computer)
            foreach ($CurrentReg in $RegistryLocation) {
                if ($RegBase) {
                    $CurrentRegKey = $RegBase.OpenSubKey($CurrentReg)
                    if ($CurrentRegKey) {
                        $CurrentRegKey.GetSubKeyNames() | ForEach-Object {
                            if ($Property) {
                                foreach ($CurrentProperty in $Property) {
                                    $HashProperty.$CurrentProperty = ($RegBase.OpenSubKey("$CurrentReg$_")).GetValue($CurrentProperty)
                            $HashProperty.ComputerName = $Computer
                            $HashProperty.ProgramName = ($DisplayName = ($RegBase.OpenSubKey("$CurrentReg$_")).GetValue('DisplayName'))
                            if ($DisplayName) {
                                New-Object -TypeName PSCustomObject -Property $HashProperty |
                                Select-Object -Property $SelectProperty

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One note on the above script - it will require the Remote Registry service to be running on the remote machine.  Typically not an issue on servers where it is often running by default, but just thought you should be aware.  There are some other methods like using WMI or PowerShell Remoting (my preferred method), but most of the scripts you'll find are like the above.

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nav2567Author Commented:
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