Windows 7 Home Preimum black screen with mouse pointer

I've got a Dell laptop which boots to a black screen with just the mouse pointer.
So far I have run Kaspersky 10 from boot, run CHKDSK, run SFC. I have also checked Explorer.exe is in the correct place in the registry.

Ctl, Alt, Del doesn't work and safe mode is the same.

Very weird thing is it has teamviewer on and when it boots I can see it come up on our monitoring platform, I can teamviewer in but still black screen but I can move the mouse cursor remotely. Also can see shares from another PC. looks like it is working but explorer isn't loaded.
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Is this before or after logging in?
If after, try it with another user (if there is one, otherwise it's not really an option)
Try a full disk diagnostic too (also cd or dvd boot, or BIOS option if available).
PHBSupportAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the reply
There is only one user so it bypasses the login screen although there is a password on the user, checked disk and is OK, I've now got it in a caddy and can copy the data. I think it may have been hit with a virus, there seems to be a lot of people with the same problem but no real fixes.
Black screens could very well be from viruses. When scanning with Kaspersky 10 from boot, did you go through the log files carefully? Were viruses detected?
Also, still try to scan it again with other solutions (also USB/DVD boot, from Avast or AVG, needs second PC or laptop of course).

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PHBSupportAuthor Commented:
I've attached the KAS 10 report
Some files were not deleted properly. Is Java6 still used (highly risky!)?
In any case, follow my advice about the other virus scanners (scan again with usb/dvd boot).
After it's marked as clean (please check you use not only an updated usb/dvd media, make sure the newest virus signature database is being used/downloaded/imported), otherwise you're still scanning with an old virus scanner, which basically defeats the purpose.
After that, use a password reset boot media (Hiren, Trinity Rescue Disk, or whatever), enable Administrator, blank the password, and test if you can log in to this account. If it still logs in as the old user, use another boot CD where you can make registry edits, so you can disable the auto logon feature.
After finally logging in as administrator, and the problem is NOT in this profile, the virus probably limited its damage to that old user. Create a new user, and log in as that new user. Now slowly import things back from the old user, one by one.
see if this helps :
1) press shift several times until the sticky keys window appears
 2) click the link that'll lead to ease of access center
 3) click cancel on the the bottom right corner of the set up sticky keys window
 4) click control panel on the upper left corner (beside the make your computer easier to use title)
 5) on the computer settings menu choose the recovery icon (make sure that the view is by either large or small icons for easier access)
 6) click open system restore
 7) click next on the bottom right corner until the button finish appears, then click it. (just follow everything the window says that will lead you to recovering your previous system in a certain time)
 8) let it do its job and wait until your computer restarts
PHBSupportAuthor Commented:
Hi nobus

Sticky keys or any key or combination of keys work.
I have tried to run restore points and they all fail.


Administrator account wouldn't reactivate.

I have decided to reformat as I was able to save the data in a USB caddy.

Thanks for all the input.
that seems the best option
don't forget to close this
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