Excel VBA Replace Words in Word doc with changing cell values


What Excel VBA code would I use to replace any word with any other word.
I am looping through Excel cells that have different names in them every day and need to replace
certain words in a Word doc with these
Murray BrownMicrosoft Cloud Azure/Excel Solution DeveloperAsked:
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Saqib Husain, SyedEngineerCommented:
Can you upload a sample to make the requirement very clear?
This expects the existing words to be in column 1 and the new words to be in column 2
Sub ReplaceWordText()
    Dim doc As Word.Document
    Dim objWord As Word.Application
    Dim strFile As String
    Dim r As Integer
    Dim sh As Worksheet
    Dim bNewInstance As Boolean
    strFile = "C:\MYDocuments\MyFile.doc"
    'avoid creating multiple instances of the Word application
    On Error Resume Next 'suppress error checking for the next instruction
    Set objWord = GetObject(, "Word.Application")
    On Error GoTo 0 'resume error checking
    If objWord Is Nothing Then
        'no instance, so make a new one
        Set objWord = CreateObject("Word.Application")
        bNewInstance = True
    End If
    objWord.Visible = True
    Set doc = objWord.Documents.Open(strFile)
    Set sh = ActiveSheet
    r = 2
    Do Until sh.Cells(r, 1) = ""
        With doc.Find
            .Text = sh.Cells(r, 1)
            .Replacement.Text = sh.Cells(r, 2)
            .Execute Replace:=wdReplaceAll
        End With
        r = r + 1
    doc.Close wdSaveChanges
     If bNewInstance Then
    End If
End Sub

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Murray BrownMicrosoft Cloud Azure/Excel Solution DeveloperAuthor Commented:
Great answer. Thanks very much
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