Preventing emails being moved into "Outlook Today" in Outlook 2010

Morning All.

Our company sends and receives emails from a generic email address and emails received into a shared generic mailbox.

When emails are received in to this general mailbox, our receptionist will move the email into the concerned staff members individual mailbox.

it appears that when emails are moved, it can sometimes be dragged into the "outlook today" section and thus requires us to have this turned off to view these messages.

In the past, i have been told there is a way to restrict users being able to do this in previous versions without compromising access to the individuals mailbox.

Is this still possible in Outlook 2010? if so, how?
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lryan85 --
There is no "Outlook Today" folder as part of normally installed Outlook 2010.
You can create it by right clicking on a message|Move|Other Folder|New.  

It can be deleted once created.  

I have a suspicion the Receptionist is not so accurate in choosing the folder to which to move these messages.
lryan85Author Commented:
Hi Jcimarron,

I only used the term folder as it appears like one once you untick show outlook today summary off from properties.
Can you give us a screen shot?  I really do not know what you mean by Outlook Today.
As mentioned you can delete any Outlook Today folder, if created, which should avoid messages being moved there.
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lryan85Author Commented:
Sure, I'll upload one in the morning (currently 18:49 UK time)
lryan85Author Commented:
as normal outlook clients will show, when you expand on the user, you can see inbox etc. Most of the emails go here fine
This is where they should be going
but sometimes, they get dropped over to section boxed in red, which unless somebody else checks, the user cant see the email. When the user clicks on this part, they can see there outlook today summary only.

but this is where they can be dropped sometimes
this is where i want to restrict people being able to drag emails into.
When you click the name (boxed in red in your screenshot) you should open a window which has the date at the top left and "Customize Outlook Today" at the top right.  Click on  "Customize Outlook Today" and uncheck the box "When Starting, go directly to Outlook Today".  Now it becomes difficult to otherwise access the  
" Outlook Today" window and drag messages into it.
lryan85Author Commented:
JCIMARRON thank you for your help so far but i dont think you understand the problem i am trying to fix.

Correct, when you click on the name in the red box, you should get Outlook Today but thats not the issue

The issue i have is:

When the user click on the mailbox name E.g. they see the outlook today screen - correct
When other people click on the mailbox name, they see email messages that are not visible in the "Inbox"  by and as a result, emails can be missed for weeks, months or years

if emails are dragged to the "inbox", there is no issue and emails can be seen.

I want to stop the 2nd bullet point from happening!

hope that makes it clearer
If user does not open the Outlook Today window in the first place, then messages cannot be dragged there.
lryan85Author Commented:
Brilliant! i will try that out over the weekend and come back.
"Click on  "Customize Outlook Today" and uncheck the box "When Starting, go directly to Outlook Today".  That should prevent the Outlook Today folder from opening automatically.
lryan85Author Commented:
Jcimarron,  your steps have been actioned but that still isnt preventing emails being moved into the "Outlook Today" folder.

the only difference is that when the user clicks on, they can now see the messages mis-placed.

is there no permission setting that i could alter?
Regrets.  No further ideas.

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lryan85Author Commented:
ok thanks,

Admin, please close this topic.
You are the one who should close the topic.
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