Cloud -- File Server ?

Which one of the below options do you recommend
that would do the below "in-the-cloud" file locking,
only download a NEW-COPY if needed, etc ?




I currently have one location with 100
people and a 24TB EqualLogic SAN that does
nightly replication to an offsite location
for disaster recovery.

We are expanding to 3+ locations and each
location will have about 10 people editing
shared files around 500MB each, which may
cause firewall and bandwidth overload if
all files are located at my main site,
which is VERY remote and has only a 20MB
pipe, therefore I plan to put these files
"in-the-cloud" somehow have the local EqualLogic
SAN only download a NEW-COPY if/when needed,
locking the "in-the-cloud" file so site #1 knows
it is "in-use" and cannot edit when site #2 is
already editing the "in-the-cloud" file.
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Aaron TomoskyDirector of Solutions ConsultingCommented:
The problem is file locking. None of the options you have do that. Rack space and Amazon and azure you linked to are block storage you attach to a VM, not something that works on their own.

Some people use dfsr with something else doing the file locking like

You can also keep your files in one location but use something to speed it up like branchcache or wan optimization gear (riverbed, fortinet, etc...)

Another option is to keep your files in one place and use rds/Citrix/VMware to host remote desktops for remote users.  That way they are accessing the files "locally"

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Shalom CarmelCTOCommented:
Get Amazon workspaces, and build a working virtual office for your users.
Don't mess with cloud storage, your use case does not work with any cloud storage services.
Nadir ALTINBASElec.&Elctro.Engr.Commented:
And also consider use data;as primary  VIP data which was previously obligated important  as in front main server .use of others spare neighbouring  sub-server space.I mean most  degrable last in first out LIFO.
btanExec ConsultantCommented:
I am instead thinking of cloud gateway which can enforce global file locking service and give you the flexibility on the backend cloud hosting choice storing those online doc  Nasuni Corp.,
In a service-centric architecture all of the storage devices look to a single cloud-based lock manager in order to establish, notify and release all locks. The cloud allows for a design that is globally available, resilient and extremely easy to manage.

This next-generation lock architecture is not dependent on traditional device-to-device communications. It is an approach that does not increase in complexity or risks to data corruption as the number of sites connected to the global name space increase.

File locks will break. The cause may be a network outage or a user who inadvertently leaves a file open. In either case, conflicts must be identified by the system and IT needs to be able to step in and resolve the conflicts manually. UniFS® provides a robust service-centric versioning model that ensures that no data is ever lost in the event of a file conflict.
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