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MS Access - Case/Query/Syntax

Hi Experts,

Looking for the best way to handle this:

I have one table where phone numbers are in.

"Ams_Phone" Table

In that table there are 7 different Ams_Phone.phonetypes:

34 = Work
35 = home
36 = Mobile
43 = Fax
67 = Alternative Phone 2
68 = Alternative Phone 1
69 = Alternative Phone 3

And of course: = phone Number.

The column PhoneType is only a number field.

I am going to be placing the results in a different table:
tblNAsCommunication.Purpose and tblNAsCommunication.IsKeyPhone = '1'

So if in "Ams_Phone" Table where Ams_Phone.PhoneType = 34
tblNAsCommunication.Purpose = Work And tblNAsCommunication.IsKeyPhone = "1"

I need to setup a query syntax to do this?

Thanks for any help.
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Robert Sherman
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Does table tblNAsCommunication already exist, or is this something you want to create as a result of the query?  If it already exists, does it have a field that can be used to relate the two tables together (for example, Phone Number in both tables)

Assuming Ams_Phone has the phone number and PhoneType for each phone, generating a make-table query or an update-table query shouldn't be too complicated.  

One piece of information I don't see in your question is where the "isKeyPhone" will get its data from..
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Kanti Prasad


you can look into the below link and frame your sql

below is a sample tnc is an alias for  tblNAsCommunication ap is the alias name rfor Ams_Phone

INSERT INTO tblNAsCommunication tnc
SELECT ap.phonetypes FROM Ams_Phone ap where ap.phonetypes = 34;
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Maybe this will clear things up:

This is a conversion setup.

so and old table:
Ams_Phone Table

is going into a new table:

So yes table tblNAsCommunication already exists

The phone numbers from: are being placed into tblNAsCommunication.Entry
tblNAsCommunication .IsKeyPhone is generated by my query and will have a "1" when it is the key.

So if in the Ams_Phone table
Where Phone, PhoneType = 34 then:
tblNAsCommunication.Entry =
tblNAsCommunication .Purpose = "Work"
tblNAsCommunication .IsKeyPhone = "1"

Thanks for helping me.
sorry it should phonetypesvalue  replace it with the column name where you have the 'work' stored

INSERT INTO tblNAsCommunication tnc
SELECT ap.phonetypesvalue  FROM Ams_Phone ap where ap.phonetypes = 34;

I assumed you have in Ams_Phone table
phone       phonetypes   phonetypesvalue
12345              34                      work   ........
 37585             35                      home

tblNAsCommunication tqable
purpose    IsKeyPhone .......
This is mentioned:
SELECT ap.phonetypesvalue  FROM Ams_Phone ap where ap.phonetypes = 34;

But ap.phonetype changes.

So Ap.PhoneType =


So does this not have to be in some kind of Case statement?
ap.phonetype = 34
tnc.Purpose = "Work"
tnc.IsKeyPhone = 1
ap.phoneType = 35
tnc.Purpose = "Home"
tnc.IsKeyPhone = 1
ap.phoneType = 36
tnc.Purpose = "Mobile"
tnc.IsKeyPhone = 1
so on.....

Please help and thanks
But the Case statement would only work in VBA and I am dealing with Query for Access.

So something like:

IIf([ap].[phonetype] = 34
 [tnc].[Purpose] = "Work"
 [tnc].[IsKeyPhone] = 1)

Please help and thanks
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Rey Obrero (Capricorn1)
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I have to say using the switch statement is the best way to do this.  Great Job